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This post will primarily aim to briefly compare National Law Universities with other private law schools. I will try to connect that with the dreamy thoughts and aspirations that all aspirants, including myself at one point of time, have for the NLU tag. Is that really worth it?

Every aspirant wants to get into a top NLU. The very mention of the names of your dream institute will light a fire in your mind and set you off day-dreaming in an instant. Indeed, that is the biggest motivation to keep working tirelessly in your efforts to crack CLAT. But how much does your University matter? What about the thousands who could not get into an NLU, as opposed to the select few hundred who did? Does that mean they will not have successful careers?

One website which you should start visiting around the time after you have just got into Law School, is SuperLawyer. It is another fantastic initiative by our very own maverick Ramanuj sir! You will get excellent guidance for anything and everything related to Law School. But one thing I'd like to point out to you guys is the fact that not all interviews are from graduates of NLU XYZ. Aspirants feel that if they do not get into NLU XYZ as told to them by their peers or teachers, then their careers will be a failure. What this exercise will show you is that you can have a very successful career no matter which college you are from.

So what is the advantage of an NLU? What is the 'hype' all about then? At the outset, it is an accepted fact NLUs are the best colleges in the country. This I can say because of three factors - 

A. The students that you will spend five years with,

B. The students that have already graduated or are your seniors,

C. The teachers.

While private colleges may have one or two of these factors, NLUs, especially the older ones have a sure foundation and guarantee of these three things. This forms the basis of all the other things in law school, like internships, moots and general leaning experience for which you are going to the University in the first place. These things matter, and since the NLUs have the 'National' tag a la IIMs and IITs, the fact is that they are better than the rest. 

But like I pointed out earlier, and which you will get a confirmation of after you join college, is the fact that your hard work matters the most. So yes, the dreamy thoughts of your friends or the overt pressurs of your parents and teachers for getting into a top NLU XYZ are not misplaced. But if only cracking CLAT could give you a sparkling career, why attend law school at all?

Shoot for the moon, you will land among the stars. You are bound to do really well either way.

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