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What is CLAT?

If you want to pursue law as a career in India, getting into a National Law School should be at the top of your priority list. We have 15 National Law Schools in the country for undergraduate courses in law. You can get into 14 of these universities by clearing CLAT [Common Law Admission Test]

Do I need CLAT Coaching?

Before getting into the need of a coaching, we need to specify the contents of CLAT. CLAT is divided into 5 sections:

CLAT Question Paper

  • English including Comprehension         [40 marks]
  • General Knowledge/ Current Affairs    [50 marks]
  •  Elementary Mathematics                      [20 marks]
  • Legal Aptitude                                          [40 marks]                   
  • Logical Reasoning                                    [50 marks]


Whether you need a coaching or not depends on your strengths and weaknesses. For example if your general knowledge is not up to the mark, and you don’t have a problem with the remaining four sections then you don’t really need a coaching. General knowledge or general awareness is something you gain from reading and self-study. No coaching institute can impart general knowledge into your brain or teach you a way to deduce the answer. If you have read it and can recall it, then you simply mark the correct answer. No other sorcery in the world can help you if you are unaware of the facts.

Coaching classes may have interactive sessions and study materials which appears to be a great source of knowledge but it is not the only source. [If that would have been the case then every student who has read that material would have cleared CLAT] 

Solution: One can improve his general knowledge with the help of books. I would personally recommend Person’s General Knowledge Manual. One can also go for some other book. Selection of book is far less important than actually reading that book. The “General Knowledge/ Current Affairs” section of CLAT has been mainly focusing on current affairs. The best way to cover this section is to read monthly issues of magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition Success Review or Chronicle. [If possible read all 3 of them. Leave nothing to chances] and national daily newspapers. I would recommend “The Hindu” [Don’t go for local or state level newspapers]


When it comes to the mathematics section, I don’t think that students from PCM stream will face much of a problem but the students from other streams like Commerce or Arts can find it difficult to solve problems on permutation & combination, simple and compound interest etc. Either you can hire a maths tutor or join any CLAT coaching if you are not confident with other sections of the paper as well. Do not undermine this section because of its low weightage. Each and every mark counts and can be a deciding factor.


CLAT coaching for Legal Aptitude

Facing a problem with legal aptitude? You need a coaching. The CLAT coaching centres will always have experts from the legal field or students currently studying law.  Your concepts have to be very clear if you want to answer the questions correctly.  This section mainly comprises of legal reasoning. Although the people who set the paper do not expect you to know the law but they expect you to think in the right way.

For example; you are not expected to know anything about the Indian Penal Code[IPC] but the CLAT paper will have a question based on Right of Private Defence which is in the IPC.

Legal experts and teachers will teach you these basic laws. This will help you to reach to the correct answer and will also reduce the time consumed significantly.

CLAT English Section

The English section tests the candidates’ proficiency in English based on comprehension passages and grammar. To improve your English you need to read and practice. You should be able to read and grasp at the same time.[You might not get a chance to read twice in CLAT paper] Read newspaper editorials and novels to improve your reading. Apart from this you also need to practice comprehension passages. A coaching will just give you some study material to be practiced at home. You don’t have to join a coaching to get access to these materials. A lot of practice material for English is easily available in the market.


CLAT Logical Reasoning

If you are facing a problem with this section then a CLAT coaching can really help you out. Questions from this section can get very tricky at times and every option appears to be the right answer. You need a lot of practice and guidance for solving these questions. The teachers at the coaching centre will teach you

  • how to identify patterns
  • how to solve venn diagrams
  • how to identify the most apt argument etc.


irrespective of the fact whether one attends coaching or not, one should always practice logical reasoning at home to increase accuracy and minimise the time consumed. The most popular book in this regard is R.S.Agarwal’s Logical Reasoning. This book has more questions than one can solve in his lifetime. While solving questions from this book, you will have a lot of doubts [Trust will!]A coaching can be extremely helpful at this moment.

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