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Weekly Legal GK questions - Indian constitution and international law

The President of India is the?
a. Patron of the defence forces
b. Head of the Rajya Sabha
c. Supreme Commander of the defence forces
d. A titular head

Answer c.

When did the General Assembly of the United Nations adopt the Universal Declaration[mv1]  of Human Rights?
a. 18th August 1950
b. 10th December, 1948
c. 12th Jaunary, 1949
d. 14th April, 1951

Which of these is the set of principles written in the Preamble
a. Integrity, Captialism, Equality, Fraternity,
b. Integrity, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
c. Accountability, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,
d. Polity, Liberty, Accountability, Equality

Nepal is now a
a. Maoist State
b. Socialist State
c. Hindu State
d. Federal Democratic Republic

TRIPS stands for?
a. Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
b. Trade Regulated Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
c. Tariff Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
d. Tariff Related Aspects of Interest Property Rights

 Which is the governing body for TRIPS?
a. World Food Organization
b. World Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
c. World Trade Organization
d. United Nations

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