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Hello, everyone. 

Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of Team CLAThacker! For those of you in school, and for all of you taking CLAT, this promises to be a life-changing year filled with rich, new experiences. Keep working hard and the results will follow!

As your mentor here in CLAThacker, I feel I have a responsibility to guide you through everything you experience in this phase of your life. Though CLAThacker is not a guide for you to ace your all-important board exams, we mentors realise the importance of this exam, even though it may not impact your selection to a college.

I was brimming with feelings of the impending separation from my school, friends and teachers at this point. I realized that the board exams were a culmination of my wonderful journey thus far, and a part of my life that will never come back. I was determined to do well, and leave a nice memory of myself behind in my school. 

From a practical point of view, your board marks will seldom come up in your professional life - no one will ask about it when you enter litigation or join a firm. But it does find a place in your CV, and plays an important role in numerous scholarship applications, and applications to colleges should you seek to post-graduation. It does feel good and reflects positively on your perseverance and caliber when you show you did well in your boards.

Trust me, you will feel your achievement to be incomplete when you land an excellent rank in CLAT on one hand, and shoddy marks in your boards in the other. Boards assume more importance when you have alternative courses and colleges such as Stephen's, SRCC, or even GLC, Mumbai in mind.

There is still time, and I wish to share some memory tips for you to do well in your boards, and the same should be applied when you rummage through piles of GK.These will immensely help you once you are in Law School. Follow these steps, which I have learnt from some path-breakers in professional life-

i. When you read your chapters, the first reading should be like a story book. Read with an open mind and clear head.

ii. The second reading should be with focus and determination, and with an eye for detail. At this point of time, you should be able to underline the main things.

iii. After a few days, but still some time before the exam, read these again and highlight the points which seem more important than the rest. Now you will be able to narrow down the things which feel important. It is important that you have solved the past ten year's board papers by this time, to know what all to highlight, since they have been coming in the exams.

iv. Finally, a few days before the exams, you should try and make notes after a quick reading of your chapters, and see if you retained as many of the important highlights as you could. All of this, in addition to a thorough knowledge of the past ten years' questions, should hold you in good stead!

All the best! Hope this helps you in the days to come and in your Law School life!

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