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Past year papers and why they are your ticket to the best law schools in the country.

 With an exam as competitive as CLAT, aspirants desire 

that little edge which would get them over the line into

the law schools. Solving past year papers will help you 

get that ticket to your dream law school. 

Over the past year I have had many aspirants ask me what was the single most important factor that contributed to my success in CLAT and AILET, and I have had a very clear answer for all of them – solve all your past year papers.

By past year papers I mean not only the past CLAT and AILET papers, but also all the NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS entrance papers from the pre-CLAT era. At the time of writing this article, CLAT 2015 is less than four weeks away but I assure you that if you solve these papers diligently, you will have that much wanted edge over your peers. I have hardly ever come across any topper in NLSIU or NUJS who has not solved the past year papers. In short, every aspirant who seriously sees himself at the very best of universities must solve these papers without fail.

I shall proceed to describe to you the tangible benefits that I experienced after putting in a mammoth effort of doing all these papers in a short span of three weeks before my CLAT exam. I can go so far to say that I would not have done as well had I not put in the effort.

Let’s start with Legal Reasoning. Our CLAT paper had 50 questions on reasoning, and it is a daunting task for all aspirants. But by virtue of having solved the past year papers, I could solve them very easily and I think I got a score of 43+. It is common knowledge that a majority of reasoning questions are simply recycled and reproduced with a few changes here and there. I remembered all the facts and principles very clearly and, as a result there was hardly any ‘reasoning’ element to the questions anymore. It gave me an immense advantage.

Logic in the AILET paper was widely accepted to be the toughest section of the exam. Most were left scratching their heads and losing precious time. But a sizeable portion of the ARs were similar to NLS and NUJS entrance questions, and I managed to solve them successfully. That made all the difference for me in AILET.

For the vast GK section, browsing past year papers gives you a very good idea on how to narrow down what you should study. It also provides invaluable practice for Maths and English. I feel solving and reviewing past year papers is the single most important component of your preparation and your ticket to the best law schools in the country.




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