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The National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) paper was unexpectedly easy, given the standard of the last two years papers. It was heavy on critical reasoning and current affairs keeping with the changing trend set by CLAT committee. I had strongly recommended practicing past years papers, and anyway who did so would have tremendously benefited since the paper setters have shown unprecedented lack of originality as far as previous NLUD papers are concerned. You can see some of the questions that came here and here.
In legal reasoning, questions were repeated from past years NALSAR and mostly NLS papers from ‘90s. Many of my students told me that they think they will get full marks in this section. This was also a major time saver for those who were prepared.  

English was not very difficult, reading comprehension was from a GMAT test paper, lengthy and moderately difficult. Maths was very easy and most people managed to solve all the questions in less than 10 minutes. Analytical reasoning was easier than previous years, and few in number. Critical reasoning was majority in number and a few of them were quite tricky. Most of the questions were GMAT/LSAT style and I hope the questions posted on CLAThacker was some help there. Static GK questions were few and far between, current affairs was of a good standard.

Since a lot of you have been totally hammering about on current affairs and critical reasoning, I expect the high score to be very good, above 135. The cut off will be closer to 120, but at least 115 as opposed to 103 of last year.

Time management was a challenge for those who did not plan, but those who did legal reasoning and maths easily, had no problem in finishing the paper in time.

In any case, this has been a good warm up for CLAT, and those of you who are in the grey zone of 110-115, stop worrying and dont leave anything to chance for CLAT.


- Ramanuj Mukherjee

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Comment by APURAV MAGGU on May 14, 2011 at 2:58pm
hahahah i am sort of laughing at this article how can u possibly expect cut off to be 120 or 115   trust me it will nt go beyond 107 i can bet on it
Comment by ABHISHEK on May 12, 2011 at 6:33pm

hey when will nlu delhi 2011 result will come?


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