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Here are some questions (without any options) with regard to 'Average' -


  1. Find the average of all prime numbers between 35 and 45.
  2. The average weight of A, B, C is 45 kg. The average weight of A and B is 40 kg, and of B and C is 43 kg. Find the weight of B.
  3. The average salary per month of 30 teachers is Rs 4000. If the Principal’s salary is added, the average salary is increased to Rs 4, 300. What is the Principal’s salary?
  4. The arithmetic mean of 5 numbers is 27. If one of the numbers is excluded their mean is 25. What is the excluded number?
  5. The mean temperature from Monday to Wednesday was 37C and Tuesday to Thursday was 34C. if the temperature on Thursday was 4/5th of Monday, what was the temperature on Thursday?
  6. The average age of 3 children in a family is 20% of the average age of the father and the eldest child. the total age of the mother and the youngest child is 39 years. if the father’s age is 26 years, what is the age of the second child?
  7. The mean weight of 120 students in the first year class of a college is 56 kg. If the mean weight of boys and that of girls in the class are 60kg and 50 kg respectively, then what is the number of boys and girls in the class?
  8. There are 35 students in a hostel. Due to the admission of 7 new students, the expenses of the mess were increased by Rs 42 per day while the average expenditure per head diminished by Re. 1. What was the original expenditure by the mess?
  9. The average age of 30 students in a class is 15 years. If 10 more boys join the class, the average age of the whole class is reduced by one year. What is the average age of the new comers?
  10. The average age of a family of six members is 25 years. After two years, a person dies at the age of 36 years and a new baby is born. What would be the average age of the family after eight years?


  1. 40.33
  2. 31kg
  3. Rs. 13,300
  4. 35
  5. 36C
  6. Cannot be determined from the information given
  7. 72 boys and 48 girls
  8. Rs. 420
  9. 11 years
  10. 29 years

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Comment by Mathew Abraham S on February 3, 2016 at 6:24pm

The 6th question can be solved.

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