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1. What does ‘adjudication’ mean? 
(A) A decision given by an Umpire (B) Mediation 
(C) Decision given by a Court (D) None of the above 

2. Attorney General of India means: 
(A) Supreme Judicial Power (B) Topmost legal advisor of Central Government 
(C) Advisor to the Supreme Court (D) President of the Legal System in India 

3. An insolvent person is 
(A) Notable to work (B) Bankrupt (C) Financially unsound (D) Infirm 

4. A writ by a Court, to some person or body to compel it to perform some public duty is: 
(A) Quo Warranto (B) Habeas Corpus (C) Mandamus (D) Prohibition 

5. High Courts take up the writs like Habeas Corpus under ________ Constitutional Authority 
(A) Article 326 (B) Article 368 (C) Article 268 (D) Article 226


1. C





1) The first law commission after independence was established in which year? 
2) Name the first Indian to become the president of International court of justice? 
3) International court of justice was established in? 
4) What is the tenure of the president of International court of justice? 
5) The official language of International court of Justice is.? 
6) Judges of International court of justice is elected for how long.? 
7) A person who constantly violets the law is called? 
8) Provision of anticipatory bail has been embodied in which section of Cr.P.C? 
9) Every duty enforceable by law is called? 
10) When a person is to be prosecuted for committing a criminal offence, the burden of proof is 
on which party? 
11) Currently which High court has the highest representation of women in judiciary? 
12) Legal services day is observed on? 
13) Practice of having more than one husband at a time is called? 
14) The first attorney general of India was? 
15) The concept of public interest litigation originated in.? 
16) Constitution bench of Supreme Court consist of how many judges? 
17) A ‘participis criminis’ is popularly known as? 
18) Doctrine of reverse burden is not applicable to a prosecution for an offence under? 
19) The only chief justice of India has the distinction of becoming the president of India? 
20) The “universal declaration of human rights” was adopted by the UN in which year? 
21) A Hindu wife can marry immediately after divorce; where as Muslim wife can do that only 
22) Copyright subsists for how many years? 
23) Sometimes a person himself does not commit an offence, he helps other person, he is then 
guilty of which crime? 
24) Which is the highest criminal court in district? 
25) Which committee was constituted by the Chief Justice of India on legal education in 1994? 
26) Who is the chairman of Bar council of India’s committee on legal education? 
27) Which of the following acted as highest court of appeal during the British raj? 
28) Which authority designates an advocate as a ‘SENIOR ADVOCATE’? 
29) Which is the India’s first state to set up a women’s High court? 
30) Who was the first chairman of bar council of India? 


1) 1955 
2) Nagendra Singh 
3) 1946 
4) 3 years 
5) English & French 
6) 9 years 
7) Habitual offender 
8) 438 
9) Obligation 
10) Prosecution 
11) Delhi 
12) 9th November 
13) Polyandry 
14) M.C Setalavd 
15) The United States 
16) 5 Judges 
17) Accomplice 
18) Indian Penal Code 
19) Justice Hidaytullah 
20) 1948 
21) Only after Iddat period 
22) 60 years 
23) Abetment 
24) Sessions court 
25) Justice Ahmadi committee 
26) A.P Mishra 
27) Privy Council 
28) Supreme Court or High Court 
29) Andhra Pradesh 
30) M.C Setalwad

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