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More than just studying, it is a sense of maturity and a complete understanding of the situation and the position you are in your life that is needed to be successful. CLAT is competitive and tricky, but it is not difficult to crack. In my experience, the things which prevent aspirants from succeeding are a phobia of certain subjects, or failure, or of the competition - or just a lack of seriousness about your future or career - which can all be crudely termed as 'immaturity'. 

As you seek to leave behind your childhood and step into college life and all that it entails, it is important you 'grow up' and clear your mind of any petty things that may be holding you back from moving full speed ahead in the direction of success. 

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Question- How do I prepare for CLAT 2016 Math? 

Question Details -  There are about 4 months left. I'm really worried. Just doing RS Agarwal will suffice? I have way too many doubts while doing that also. Any website and YouTube channel that might help me out? Or should I just go through the previous years' questions? Please help.

Answer - There was a time in my life when I was petrified at the thought of giving a math exam. I had failed in my 9th standard math. Thankfully, I came in contact with two wonderful teachers who made me fall in love with the subject and I scored well in my 10th and 12th Board exams. CLAT math was also exciting for me.

I haven't scrutinized the 2015 paper yet (even if it was too tough, it was the same for the whole country), but prior to that all math questions are easy. It is absolutely possible for a person of average intelligence to score highly. You must learn to enjoy math, and learn it fast. Each question answered takes you one step closer to your dream law school. Read my previous answers and all our blog posts on CLAThacker to get a better idea of what I am trying to convey.
Finally, a bit of advice - life is exponentially tougher after CLAT. CLAT is probably the only event in your life which will reward you manifold for the hard work you put in. This relatively simple entrance gives you a brand value of a University, five amazing years and a whole lot more. It is important for all aspirants to grow up and realize the truth instead of fretting like children.
The toppers realize the worth of this golden opportunity, and try and enjoy math, or at the very least swallow it like a bitter pill for the next few months. At the risk of being repetitive, discard all your stigma and phobia of math. Most of it is a delusion of your mind. You will be disappointed that you missed a massive opportunity to get into the best law school all thanks to a few questions of math.
If you want to be a topper you have to be mature and put your head down and work hard. You will be slogging all your life in this legal profession, but no event will give you back so much for so less.
Past year papers including pre-CLAT era papers and any and every book you can get your hands on, provided you devour it with enthusiasm, will hold you in good stead.

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Comment by Saiesh Kamath on January 16, 2016 at 10:42pm
The very way this article is written delivers inspiration! Thank you :)

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