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Inspirations from Cristiano Ronaldo and the secret formula to crack the top Law Schools! [CLAThacker on Quora]

Hello all!

There is a secret formula to crack the best Law Schools in the country - one which every topper till this date has followed - and it's now out exclusively on CLAThacker! 

So, I was asked what is the best advice I can give to CLAT aspirants? I replied - follow Ronaldo! 

Read this link for the complete story, and don't forget to show you...

Here is my answer to "What is the best advice you can give a CLAT aspirant?". It is what I call the "Cristiano Ronaldo method". 

In my humble opinion, the surest way to crack CLAT (I mean NLSIU, Bangalore) is to follow what I call the 'Cristiano Ronaldo method'.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's best footballers and richest athletes. He had humble beginnings and struggled a lot to get the facilities every budding footballer needs. But what has contributed to his meteoric rise to the top are two main things - his unrelenting desire to be the best and the tireless practice he puts in everyday to be the best. 

It is important to back yourself to the hilt if you want to achieve big things in life. Obsess over your dream and believe you can achieve it. Of course, at the same time keep working and sharpening your skills to be the best. These two aspects of Ronaldo's character have made him a modern day legend - the world is at his feet.

It is safe to say that cracking NLSIU, Bangalore is a small task compared to what he has achieved. You can do it if you want to!

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