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One year of being an aspirant and almost two years of being a mentor have made me face the constant worry of my friends and students - how to complete the paper on time? This is especially a problem for those who are slow, tend to waste a lot of time in one section without realising it and even those who mess up because of nervousness. Such aspirants not only have low scores in their mocks, but realize that they have sometimes missed out completely on one or more sections. This is compounded by the fact that the sections in which they ended up wasting so much more time at best yield only average results.

I would like to bring in the analogy of a chef here. Years of training, trial and error go into moulding a chef - the finesse of his cooking arm, the knowledge to mix just the right amount of ingredients and cook for just the right time, plus the talent to make the final product look, smell and taste exceptionally delicious! Each time the chef cooks a dish which would take a few hours to cook, he starts from scratch, and over time his skills are so good that he dishes out an excellent final product each time.The final product is a reflection of what all has gone into the making the chef as good as he is. 

Similarly, all your hard work is reflected in those two hours of CLAT. You can take as many mocks as you want to prepare yourself, but these things reflect. Being overcome with fear and nervousness, clumsily wasting all your time on one section. These reflect that though you may have appeared to put in long hours, the quality of your prep is not good enough. Go back to the drawing board, practice more with focus and determination. No one is going to give you the top 200 seats in this country if you are mediocre. There is a lot more to CLAT than just mugging up and solving. It id an immense mental battle to make sure you are functioning perfectly in those two hours despite all nervousness and fear. There is mental struggle, and you can read more on that in my other blog posts. 

Calm, focused and good mocks are a reflection of your preparation.   Something is going wrong somewhere if you are putting in hours of work and messing up mocks. Please look into it at once if you are facing such issues.

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Comment by Aditya Mehra on September 16, 2015 at 8:35pm

Pretty much all of these tips have been repeatedly stated by our toppers in their interviews.

Comment by Suhani Rai on September 15, 2015 at 1:58pm

Thanks Aditya. Your posts and inputs are always helpful. 
I was however searching for some time saving hacks. I found some that were helpful for me and might help others too:

Please do share some tricks on the same lines. Is it possible to ask such tricks from toppers when you interview them from time to time?

That would be really helpful...

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