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Directions (1-4): Pick up the correct synonyms for each of the following words. 

(a) Wipe out (b) Weaken 
(c) Insult (d) Repair 

(a) Graceful (b) Joyous 
(c) Giddy (d) Other worldly 

(a) Foolishness (b) Mission 
(c) Misadventure (d) Error 

(a) Vulgar (b) Attractive 
(c) Refined (d) Indifferent 

Directions (5-8): In each of the following questions, choose the word OPPOSITE in meaning to the given 

(a) Unequal (b) Unlawful 
(c) Impure (d) Indiscreet

(a) Difference (b) Opposition 
(c) Separation (d) Appropriateness 

(a) Surplus (b) Scarcity 
(c) Presence (d) Richness 

8. LEND 
(a) Beg (b) Borrow 
(c) Snatch (d) Request 

Directions (9-11): In each of the following questions, choose the word which can be substituted for the 
given phrase/sentence. 

9. Using of new words. 
(a) Coinage (b) Vocabulary 
(c) Neologism (d) Malapropism 

10. Careful in Performing duties 
(a) Punctual (b) Punctilious 
(c) Sincere (d) Pugnacious 

11. A thing liable to be easily broken 
(a) Breakable (b) Ductile 
(c) Brittle (d) Delicate 

Directions (12-14): Fill in the blanks in the following sentence by selecting the most appropriate 
alternative from amongst the four choices given under each sentence. 

12. The bill in the Parliament was ________ by fifty five people. 
(a) accepted (b) voted 
(c) carried (d) opposed 

13. His death is a great blow, most terrible to ________. 
(a) bear (b) imagine 
(c) accept (d) sustain 

14. The little girl ________ for the light switch in the dark. 
(a) groped (b) grappled 
(c) gripped (d) grovelled 

Directions (15-17): In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. If 
there is no mistake, the answer is ‘No error’. 

15. If I was you (1)/ I would not have (2)/ committed this blunder. (3)/ No error (4) 

16. You will get (1)/ all the information (2)/ if your read this booklet carefully. (3)/ No error (4) 

17. He is writing novels (1)/ ever since (2)/ he became a graduate. (3)/ No error (4) 
Directions (18-20): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. 

Mahatma Gandhi believed that industrialization was no answer to the problems that plague the mass of India’s poor and that villagers should be taught to be self-sufficient in food, weave their own cloth from cotton and eschew the glittering prizes that the twentieth century so temptingly offers. Such an idyllic and rural paradise did not appear to those who inherited the reins of political power. 

18. Mahatma Gandhi’s views opposed industrialization of villages because 
(a) it would take away the skill of the villagers. 
(b) it would undermine self-sufficiency and destroy the beauty of life of the villagers. 
(c) it would help the poor and not the rich. 
(d) it would affect the culture of the Indians. 

19. The meaning of the glittering prizes that the twentieth century so temptingly offers is 
(a) replacement of rural by urban interests. 
(b) absence of violence and corruption. 
(c) pursuit of a commercialized material culture. 
(d) complete removal of poverty. 

20. The basis of ‘an idyllic and rural paradise’ is 
(a) self-sufficiency in food and clothes and simplicity of life style. 
(b) supporting those holding powerful political positions. 
(c) rapid industrialization of villages. 
(d) bringing to the villages the glittering prizes of the twentieth century. 

Directions (21-25): In each of the following questions out of the given alternatives, choose the one which 
best expresses the meaning of the given word:. 

21. HARSH 
(a) Disfigure (b) Slit 
(c) Severe (d) Slash 

(a) Refine (b) Torture 
(c) Extract (d) Imprison 

23. OUTRE 
(a) Fair (b) Traditional 
(c) Real (d) Unusual 

(a) Tiresome (b) Painful 
(c) Troublesome (d) Lengthy 

(a) Absorb (b) Arrange 
(c) Receive (d) Assemble 

Directions (26-30): In each of the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the antonym of 
the given word. 

(a) Humility (b) Pleasure 
(c) Cheerfulness (d) Excitement 

(a) Liberal 
(b) Spendthrift 
(c) Charitable 
(d) Generous 

(a) Interest (b) Premium 
(c) Profit (d) Concession 

(a) Ordered (b) Alternative 
(c) Compulsory (d) Essential 

(a) Straight-forward (b) Easy 
(c) Complex (d) Plain 

Directions (31-35): In each of the following questions, choose the most suitable ‘one word’ for the given 

31. A Man with prejudiced views against religion. 
(a) Orthodox (b) Bigot 
(c) Fanatic (d) Profane 

32. The School or College in which one has been educated. 
(a) Natinee (b) Alumni 
(c) Alma mater (d) Calvin 

33. One who deserts his religion. 
(a) Deserter (b) Turncoat 
(c) Fanatic (d) Apostate 

34. Medicine which lessens Pain 
(a) Balm (b) Panacea 
(c) Anodyne (d) Antibiotic 

35. A Woman whose husband is dead. 
(a) Virgin (b) Spinster 
(c) wedlock (d) widow 

Directions (36-40): Of the four alternatives given under each Sentence, find the One that best fits into the 
blank space 

36. It _______ to me that She was in curable. 
(a) Suggested (b) flashed 
(c) happened (d) occurred 

37. I am feeling _______ better today. 
(a) too (b) rather 
(c) very (d) fairly 

38. _______ an accident, the train will arrive in time. 
(a) Besides (b) Accepting 
(c) Despite (d) Barring 

39. The Sun _______ at Six this morning. 
(a) arose (b) rose 
(c) aroused 
(b) detested 
(d) raised 

40. Health is too important to be _______ 
(a) neglected 
(c) despised (d) discarded 

Directions (41-45): In the following questions, find out which part of the Sentences has an error. It there is 
no mistake, the answer is ‘No error’. 

41. He says that (1)/ he has a car (2)/ beside a scooter.(3)/ No error(4). 

42. Mahatma Gandhi laboured (1)/ to the good (2)/ of humanity.(3)/ No error(4). 

43. My answer (1)/ is different (2)/ than Yours.(3)/ No error(4). 

44. I am vexed (1)/ at him about what (2)/ he has done.(3)/ No error(4). 

45. Children often (1)/ quarrel on (2)/ petty issues.(3)/ No error(4). 
Direction (46-50): In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These 
numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words are suggested, one of which fits the 
blank appropriately. Choose the appropriate word in each case: 

Do women exercise leadership differently from which men do? And if so, will feminine leadership 
…(46)… where masculine leadership does not? A recent study suggests somewhat paradoxically that
female managers …(47)… their male counterparts even when the personal characteristics are very similar. 
Of the two school of thought, the structuralist theory argues that men and women do not receive the same 
treatment in the workplace and that stamping out …(48)… bias would stamp out the observed …(49)…. In 
contrast the socialization theory contends that men and women experience work as more …(50)… to their 
lives. These …(6)… explanations apart, today business appears to be undergoing a feminization of 

(a) Affect 
(c) Compete 
(b) Succeed 
(d) Progress 

(a) Out live 
(c) Out stand 
(b) Out work 
(d) Out work 

(a) Employment 
(c) Gender 
(b) Culture 
(d) Class 

(a) Variations 
(c) Resemblances 
(b) Discriminations 
(d) Distortions 

(a) Central (b) Preliminary 
(c) Trivial (d) Needy 

1. (a) 
2. (b) 
3. (b) 
4. (a) 
5. (d) 
6. (c) 
7. (a) 
8. (b) 
9. (c) 
10. (b) 
11. (c) 
12. (c) 
13. (a) 
14. (a) 
15. (a) 
16. (a) 
17. (a) 
18. (b) 
19. (c) 
20. (a) 
21. (c) 
22. (b) 
23. (d) 
24. (a) 
25. (a) 
26. (c) 
27. (d) 
28. (b) 
29. (c) 
30. (b) 
31. (b) 
32. (c) 
33. (d) 
34. (c) 
35. (d) 
36. (d) 
37. (d) 
38. (d) 
39. (b) 
40. (a) 
41. (c) 
42. (b) 
43. (c) 
44. (b) 
45. (b) 
46. (b) 
47. (d) 
48. (c) 
49. (b) 
50. (a)

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