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Time Limit: 7 Minutes 

1. Where BRICS 2015 and SCO 2015 summit is going to be held?
A. Turkmenistan
B. Uzbekistan
C. kazakhstan
D. Ufa

2. Name the IPV that joins Indian Coast Guard recently which is built by Hindustan
Shipyard Limited?
A. Rani Durgabati
B. Rani Durgadevi
C. Rani Mahadevi
D. None of the above

3. Name the summit that was held on 6th July, hosted by Government of Norway in cooperation with UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown?
A. BRICS Summit
B. SCO Summit
C. Oslo education Summit
D. IBSA summit

4. According to World Economic Outlook Update release of IMF, Which country is the fastest growing country in terms of GDP?
A. China
B. India

5. Book titled “India Central Asia Relations: The Economic Dimension” was authored by which of the following author?
A. Chetan Bhagat
B. Manmohan Singh
C. Amiya Chandra
D. Vikram Chandra

6. Who hosted BRICS 2015 summit in Ufa?
A. Narendra Modi
B. Dilma Rousseff
C. Vladimir Putin
D. Jacob Zuma

7. How many new Heritage sites are included recently in UNESCO’s World Heritage site after which list became 1031 in number from 163 countries?
A. 21
B. 24
C. 35
D. 12

8. What type of Missile is Akash which has been inducted into Indian Air Force by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) ? 
A. Surface to surface
B. Surafce to Air
C. Air to Surface
D. Air to Air

9. EMudhra is a licensed Certifying Authority under the IT Act of India functioning for- 
A. Issuing digital Identity
B. Issuing eAdhar Card
C. Issuing ePassport
D. Issuing digital signature

10. Who is to be brand ambassador for the programmes of department of empowerment of persons with disabilities? 
A. Renu Raj
B. Nidhi Gupta
C. Vandana rao
D. Ira Singhal

11. What is the full form of FATCA? 
A. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
B. Finance Account Tax Compliance Act
C. Foreign Aceess To Compliance Act
D. Finance Aceess To Compliance Act

12. What denomination notes of Indian currency that has been issued by RBI with
new numbering pattern? 

A. Rs.100
B. Rs.500
C. Rs.10
D. Rs.1000

13. Where Tuticorin Thermal Power Station (TPS) has been set up? 
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Karnataka
C. Tamilnadu
D. Telengana

14. July 10th is the Independence day of which of the following countries? 
A. Bahamas
B. Baharain
C. Angola
D. Chile

15. What does repo rate mean? 
A.It is the rate which is offered by banks to their most valued customers or
prime customers
B.When a bank is in need of cash it can sell securities to RBI against cash on the condition that the bank will repurchase the securities within a short period
C.When a bank has excess cash,they buy securities from RBI against cash on the condition that they resell the securities to RBI on a pre-fixed day and price
D.It is the rate at which RBI allows small loans in the

16. The ratio of cash reserves that the banks are required to keep with RBI is
known as:- 

A. Liquidity ratio
B. Statutory Liquidity ratio
D. Net demand and time Liabilities.

17. Many times we have seen in news papers that some projects are launched by
Government authorities on PPP basis.What is full form of PPP? 

A. Preferential Payment plan
B. Public Private Partnership
C. Partial Payment project
D. Public Private Project

18. Banking sector comes under which of the following sector? 
A. Agriculture sector
B. Service Sector
C. Manufacturing sector
D. Industrial sector

19. India’s first Community’s skill park opened at Chavara, Kerala, by Chief
Minister Oommen Chandy.Name the skill park? 

A.Kaushal Kendra
B.Khushal Kendra
C.Vikash Kendra
D.Vidya KalaKendra

20. Who is the Indian-origin astronauts chosen by NASA to fly first commercial
space vehicle?

A.Anousheh Ansari
B.Sunita Williams
C.Lisa Nowak
D.Stephanie Wilson

21. Who won Wimbledon Title for the 6th time after defeating Garbine Muguruza of

A.Serena William
B.Sania Mirza
C.Mahesh Bhubati
D.Novak Djokovic

22. ‘Applying Thought’ is the ad line of which of the following companies? 
B.Tech Mahindra

23. The Road Ahead is a book written by which business tycoon? 
A.LN Mittal
B.Mukesh Ambani
C.Ratan Tata
D.Bill Gates

24. Commonwealth games 2018 will be hosted in which of the following country? 

25. The International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences (ISAES) held on Goa was organised by NCAOR.Abbreviate NCAOR.
A.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research
B.Northern Center for Antarctic and Ocean Research
C.National Central foundation of Antarctic and Ocean Research
D.National Central federation of Antarctic and Ocean Research


1. d

2. a

3. c

4. b

5. c

6. c

7. b

8. b

9. d

10. d

11. a

12. a

13. c

14. a

15. b

16. c

17. b

18. b

19. a

20. b

21. a

22. c

23. d

24. a

25. a

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