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     You feel bad when you have been preparing for a single exam from past one and half years and then due to some technical glitch you fail to get what you rightly deserved. You try your level best not to leave any stone unturned. Right from reading newspapers to reading every random story which might be relevant for CLAT(Common Law Admission Test).I tried everything that was under my purview. But on 31st May(CLAT Results day) result was exactly the opposite of what I expected. I got a rank of 3089 which is impossible, because I never expected such marks. I got a feeling that something has gone horribly wrong either my OMR sheet got exchanged or it has been wrongly checked. There were many possibilities but one thing was clear by then that I couldn't make it to one of the top law schools of our country.

      As everyone of us know that unlike other exams the real tension for a CLAT aspirant starts once the results come out. In 2009 the paper got leaked, CLAT 2011 some questions were underlined, CLAT 2012 there were problems related to wrong allotment list. This time also the situation wasn't different as soon as the results came out many exam takers started complaining that they have got scores like 17,15,20,35 and so on. And by next morning this whole issue took a new turn when Mr. Rajneesh Singh started something that can be termed as an online revolution. By making a group where he scrutinized this issue with other sufferers. There was a clear indication that GNLU( Gujarat National Law University) is deliberately hiding something. The results for the CLAT generally come out by 4 PM-5 PM. This time they announced the results after 20-00 hours as if they were resolving something. Maybe they knew that something has gone horribly wrong with some OMR sheets. They tried to resolve as much as they could but they were running out of time. So they added the disclaimer that those who have a grievance come check your OMRs. But then after a huge social dissent from the students of different parts of our country they were forced to accept their mistakes and within 20 hours they had to withheld the results what has been described as a mere "technical discrepancy".

      As a CLAT aspirant I want to ask the esteemed CLAT CORE COMMITTEE that such last minute cancellation of results raises some serious questions about the transparency and commitment of the CLAT Core Committee. It depicts a high level of inefficiency from the perspective of all the committed and hardworking who are facing emotional harassment. I am just imagining what would have happened had there been no Rajneesh Singh or Facebook. The most unfortunate part is that because of their carelessness so many suffered(aspirants, parents, mentors).It's hard to imagine about those who had already shed tears of joy and disappointment.

       Everything was fine till 19th May when GNLU published the answer key which had some wrong answers, then the wrong results, cut-offs going invariably high, cancellation of results without proper clarification. My question is that aren't the GNLU officials supposed to be prepared with correct answer key even before the examination is conducted ?Aren't they supposed to be ready with the proper results before 31st May ? What has been described as a mere fault from their side could have ruined someone s year long hard work. Nothing seemed to be organized from GNLU, it started from 19th May and till now no clear indication from the CLAT OC. How many more examples our HRD ministers need before making a permanent body for CLAT ? It's not just an issue of technical glitch or some wrong answers, it's about those 35000 students who have worked so hard to make their Law School dream come true.

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