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Bad at everything? Worse at GK? Want to start prep over in time for CLAT 2016? [CLAThacker on Quora]

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I wouldn't be too under-confident if I were you. Good students in good mocks usually score between 100-120, simply because mocks aren't meant to be a free-for-all. Tough mocks are meant to thoroughly churn you and push you to your limits with high quality questions in all sections.

Also, there is no such thing as starting over and amount of preparation done. It is simply-

  • How much have you practiced?
  • Have you covered a wide variety and all types of questions based on past year papers including pre-CLAT era papers?
  • Are you thorough with them? So good that you will seldom slip-up?
  • Can you put that all together with questions of various difficulties under pressure to perform and a time-constraint? (Which is why you have mocks)

I prepared daily notes of GK, and yes I had below average marks in mocks for that section and in CLAT (read my story and that of other toppers on CLAThacker). You develop a sense of judgment as to whether a particular event is relevant for CLAT prep. This is developed by examining past year papers. So if you are regular and determined, it will work out. 

Just keep practicing and work unflinchingly towards your goal. It is no rocket science, and those at the top are either born geniuses or those who have ceaselessly practiced.

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