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I am already good at logical reasoning, maths, english, legal reasoning and current affairs. When I look at past years question papers, I see that I can answer majority of questions without a problem. How do I improve now?

This is a question you will inevitably face if you are seriously preparing for CLAT.

Lets say you have done those modules given by the coaching center, read and solved most of the well known books, have been keeping track of current affairs – but what now?

To be honest, there would be a few thousand students who have done that much. That does not get you the best law school seats. You need to improve so that you can be in the top 5% of the people who are preparing – and you need a strategy for that.

What can make the difference?

1.Clarity of concepts: if you know most of the stuff anyway, then it is time to go for perfection. What are the concepts you are not clear with? What are the type of questions that still stump you? Identify – read that part again – talk to teachers/ask questions on CLAThacker – get it sorted

2.Practice: this is how you find out your weaknesses and strengths – and make it a habit to get right answers very quickly. Keep practicing until a particular type of question becomes cakewalk for you. Try to practice every variation possible. And try to keep time on mind while practicing.
Where should you practice from?
Three best sources:
a. past years papers (PYP)
b. Exercises in books/modules/section tests/mock tests
c. Pratiyogita Darpan or such other magazines

3.Mock Tests – highly reccommended. After you acquire the knowledge, you need to develop the ability to answer questions in exam conditions. Think: pressure, time crunch, bad papers, bad invigilators, questions with no right answers/ multiple answers – you have to face all this and beat them. You need a lot of practice with test taking.

4.Analyze: What is it that you are doing good? What is not good enough yet? Analyze your mock test results. If it was good, what did you do right? If it was bad, what went wrong? Are you leaving anything to chances? Then find out and fix it.

5.Revision: visit concepts that you already know after mock tests. Practice them again. Find new questions to practice with.

If you are not done with knowledge acquiring, finish it fast, and then implement the above steps. Knowing the stuff is just the first step – then come perfecting it, and then developing the ability to write that in the exam. It takes more time to do the second and the third thing than the first one. Do not make a mistake about that.

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Comment by Aastha Bhansali on December 19, 2010 at 1:11pm

I'm very scared sir... I'm not good at current affairs and have started reading 'the Hindu' in December... How do I cope with this fear of GK? Plus, is solving ALL the books like RS Agrwal etc too important? Is there some way I can come in those 5% of the best students? Please help me. :(

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