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A sales representative plans to visit each of six companies M, N, P, Q, R and S exactly once

during the course of one day. She is setting up her schedule for the day according to the

following conditions.

(1) She must visit M before N and before R

(2) She must visit N before Q

(3) The third company she visits must be P


1. Which of the following could be the order in which the sales representative visits the six


(A) M, R, N, Q, P, S (B) M, S, P, N, R, Q (C) P, R, M, N, Q, S (D) P, S, M, R, Q, N


2. Which of the following must be true of the sales representative's schedule for the day?

(A) She visits M before Q(B) She visits N before R

(C) She visits P before M(D) She visits P before S


3. If the sales representative visits S first, which company must she visit second?

(A) M (B) N (C) P (D) Q


4. Which of the following could be true of the sales representative's schedule?

(A) She visits M third (B) She visits N sixth (C) She visits P first (D) She visits R



5. If the sales representative visits Q immediately before R and immediately after S, she

must visit Q-- (A) first (B) second (C) fourth (D) fifth


6. If the sales representative visits S sixth, which of the following could be her first and

second visits, respectively?

(A)  M and Q (B) M and R (C) N and M (D) Q and P


  1. 1.       B
  2. 2.       A
  3. 3.       A
  4. 4.       D
  5. 5.       D
  6. 6.       B


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