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Static GK – (NALSAR 2005)

1. Which of the following enters human body through skin?

(A) Tapeworm (B) Hookworm(C) Ringworm (D) Threadworm


2. Rh factor concerns the

(A) Blood group (B) colour of the skin

(C) colour of the eye (D) functioning of the liver

3. Which Delhi Sultan built the City of Agra?

(A) Ibrahim Lodi (B) Sikandar Lodi

(C) Kutbuddin Aibak (D) Allauddin Khilji


4. The author of'Gita Govinda'

(A)Jayapa (B)Jayadeva (C) Bhajagovinda (D) Tyagaraja


5. The'Doctrine of Lapse' was introduced by

(A) Lord Wellesley (B) Lord Hastings

(C) Lord Dalhousie (D) Lord Northbrook


  1. 1.    B
  2. 2.    A
  3. 3.    B
  4. 4.    B
  5. 5.    C

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