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Read the first seven statements and solve the AR questions (NALSAR 2003)

(1) At a baseball game, five men; L,M, N, O and P, and five women, S, T, U,V and W,

occupy a row of ten seats. The men are in odd-numbered seats, starting from the left; each

woman sits to the right of the man she is dating.


(2) 0 is V's date


(3) W is not at the right end of the row and the man she is dating is not at the left end of

the row.

(4) The man dating W likes T best among the other women and insists on being seated to

the right of T.


(5) N is one seat from the right end of the row.


(6) M and his date occupy the middle pair of seats.


(7) V sits next to M.


1. Which of the following lists five persons who must sit adjacent to one another, from

left to right

(A)  U, V,O, M,T(B) M, T, L, W,N(C) 0,V,M,T,W (D) 0,V,M,T and either L or P


2. U's date may be :

(A) N or L (B) L or P (C) N or P (D) N, L or P


3. Which of the following cannot be determined on the basis of the information given?

I. Who occupies the seat farthest to the left.

11. Who occupies the seat farthest to the right.

III. Which other women are nearest to T

(A)  I only (B) Ill only (C) I and II only (D) 11 and Ill only


4. ' Which of the following could be determined exactly if the position of either L or P

were given?

(A) The identity of L's date (B) The identity of P's date

(C) The identity of L's date or P's date, but not both

(D) Which woman is not seated between two men


5. In order to determine the position of T, it is necessary to use how many of the

numbered statements?

(A)  3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6


  1. 1.       D
  2. 2.       D
  3. 3.       B
  4. 4.       C
  5. 5.       C

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