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Past Years Papers

Hey there!

Please don't request me to email you, it's not possible for me to email everyone of you.

These are the links to the papers, you can download them by just following these links.

If the website asks for password, please enter: "FYC" or "FUC"

You can mention thanks if you are able to successfully download the papers, or you can also report any dead links.

All papers together includes NLS, NALSAR, NUALS…


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A comprehensive guide to Education Loan

We are used to the idea that our parents are going to pay for our education. However, the trends have changed because of the emergence of some super-expensive higher education zones, especially in the arena of professional studies. Moreover, not all the teenagers in India are fortunate enough to have parents who earn enough to fund the education they aspire and qualify for.

Education has been commoditized and education from the top-notch B-school or law school adds to the…


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Another case waiting Judgement :|

1. Unlawful interference with the possession of land without lawful justification amounts to TRESPASS.
2. Unreasonable interference by the defendant in another's domain is NUISANCE.
3. When a 'dangerous thing' is brought by the defendant, the defendant is strictly liable for torts committed by the thing.

Little Fundoo likes to do funny things and is a menace in his locality, Mr. Wilson hates… Continue

Added by Donnie Ashok on October 18, 2010 at 11:00pm — 93 Comments

Review this post.. I Need your Judgement!!

Pestuchor is otherwise a self-respecting man, and very helping towards all members in his locality.
He has a family of 5 including him, his two unmarried but adult sisters, and his ailing parents.

He has a social duty upon him to marry off his two sisters and take medicinal care of his parents, but as he could not complete his average education, he got a compensative job through internal sources in the local municipality.

The Job was…

Added by Donnie Ashok on October 6, 2010 at 7:00pm — 24 Comments

Matter for legal reasoning.. :I

Only blood relations can be heir: HC

Shibu Thomas | TNN

Mumbai: The Bombay high court has ruled that only blood relations can claim to be heirs and demand a stake in family property.In her ruling on a property dispute,Justice Roshan Dalvi denied a claim by Albert DSouza,saying he did not enjoy the rights of a biological son and his petition was,hence,dismissed.

If the child has no relationship with… Continue

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Matter for legal reasoning.. :I


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CLAT 2009 Mathematical ability

Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability) CLAT 2009

1. The average monthly income of a person in a certain family of 5

members is Rs. 1000. What will be monthly average income of one person

in the same family, if the income of one person increased by Rs. 12,000

per year?

(A) Rs. 1200

(B) Rs. 1600…


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Have Your Doubts Cleared!

It is never good to have doubts in your mind! Just ask a questions and the super intelligent CLAThackers, many of whom are writing CLAT this time and others who have cleared it already will answer your questions!

If you have doubts on logical reasoning or critical reasoning, ask here.

Legal reasoning doubts are answered on this thread!

Want to ask a GK question? try this thread!



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