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Reading Comprehension (23-10-2015)

Governments looking for easy popularity have frequently been tempted into announcing give-a-ways of all sorts; free electricity, virtually free water, subsidized food, cloth at half price, and so on. The subsidy culture has gone to extremes. The richest farmers in the country get subsidized fertilizers. University education, typically accessed by the wealthier sections, is charged at a fraction of cost. Postal services are subsidized, and so are railway services. Bus fares cannot be raised…


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Current Affairs (17-10-2015)

1. In July 2015, government proposed a recapitialisation plan which aims to induct 70,000 crore in PSU banks to boost their capital base. On 1st October 2015, 8 PSU banks backed with Government infusion of Rs 13,955 crore. Which among the following banks is not included in these 8 banks? 

A. Canara Bank

B. Dena Bank

C. Andhra Bank

D. Vijaya Bank

2.Which country is going to host the…


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legal aptitude (15-10-2015)

1. What does ‘adjudication’ mean? 

(A) A decision given by an Umpire (B) Mediation 

(C) Decision given by a Court (D) None of the above 

2. Attorney General of India means: 

(A) Supreme Judicial Power (B) Topmost legal advisor of Central Government 

(C) Advisor to the Supreme Court (D) President of the Legal System in India 

3. An insolvent person is 



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Maths (12-10-2015)


Of the 200 candidates who were interviewed for a position at a call center, 100 had a two-wheeler, 70 had a credit card and 140 had a mobile phone. 40 of them had both, a two-wheeler and a credit card, 30 had both, a credit card and a mobile phone and 60 had both, a two wheeler and mobile phone and 10 had all three. How many candidates had none of the three?
(1) 0

(2) 20

(3) 10
(4) 18
The average monthly…

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Logical Reasoning (22-09-2015)

Part I

Mathematicians are assigned a number called Erdös number, (named after the famous mathematician, Paul Erdös). Only Paul Erdös himself has an Erdös number of zero. Any mathematician who has written a research paper with Erdös has an Erdös number of 1. For other mathematicians, the calculation of his/her Erdös number is illustrated below:

Suppose that a mathematician X has co-authored papers with several other mathematicians. From among them, mathematician…


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Reading Comprehension II (22-09-2015)

Woodrow Wilson was referring to the liberal idea of the economic market when he said that the free enterprise system is the most efficient economic system. Maximum freedom means maximum productiveness; our “openness” is to be the measure of our stability. Fascination with this ideal has made Americans defy the “Old World” categories of settled possessiveness versus unsettling deprivation, the cupidity of retention versus the cupidity of seizure, a “status quo”…


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Reading Comprehension I (22-09-2015)

Recent years have brought minority-owned businesses in the United States unprecedented opportunities—as well as new and significant risks. Civil rights activists have long argued that one of the principal reasons why Blacks, Hispanics, and other minority groups have difficulty establishing themselves in business is that they lack access to the sizable orders and subcontracts that are generated by large companies. Now Congress, in apparent agreement, has required by law that…


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Current Affairs Quiz (17-09-2015)

1. Which of the following days is observed on 12th September by the UN General Assembly?

A. United Nations Day for North – South Cooperation

B. United Nations Day for South – South Cooperation

C. United Nations Day for North – North Cooperation

D. None of these

2. Where did PM Narendra Modi inaugurate new housing scheme. The scheme is a part of the vision “Housing for All…


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Blood Relations Exercise (04-09-2015)

1. Pointing towards a person in photograph, Sandeepan said, “He is the only son of the father of my sister’s brother.” How is that person related to Sandeepan?

Read the given information and answer the following questions based on it.

1. A+B means A is the mother of B

2. A#B means A is the son of B

3. A – B means A is the husband of B

4. A*B means A is the brother of B

Four persons, Rohan, Sangeetha, Tanay and Ulrika are related to one another in the…


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Critical Reasoning Exercise (04-09-2015)

1. Professor Lahiri must have revealed information that was embarrassing to the college. After all, to have been publicly censured by the head of the college, as Lahiri was, a professor must either have revealed information that embarrassed the college or has been guilty of gross professional negligence, and Lahiri’s professional behaviour is impeccable.

Which one of the following exhibits a pattern of reasoning most similar to that in the argument above?

a. According to…


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Reading Comprehension II (03-09-2015)

Passage II:

Figures from the 2000 census confirmed what many Americans had observed over the previous decade in their communities and workplaces. The face of the nation was perceptibly changing. The Census Bureau estimated that 6 million legal and 2 million undocumented immigrants entered the country during the 1990s, second only to the 8.8 million foreign immigrants that arrived between 1950 and 1960. More than a third of the nation’s population growth over the decade-from 227…


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Reading Comprehension (3-09-2015)

Passage I:

It was a few minutes before air time and the talk-show host was about to begin his daily radio program. He poured himself a cup of coffee and then, turning to me, said something surprising:

“You know, this job never gets any easier,” said this erudite man who for years has presided over an extremely popular call-in show. “Every time I go on the air, I have to overcome a fear that I’ll fail; that the show won’t be any good.”

He paused. “But I’ve found out…


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Current Affairs Quiz (25-08-2015)

1. Which of the following country recently got out of the restricted visa list in India?

A. Iaq

B. Pakistan

C. Iran

D. Bangladesh

2. Ranil Wickremesinghe, who recently sworn as PM of which of the following 


A. Bangladesh

B. Turkmania

C. Sri Lanka

D. Paraguay

3. The Karachi…


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Maths (25-08-2015)

Here are some questions (without any options) with regard to 'Average' -


  1. Find the average of all prime numbers between 35 and 45.
  2. The average weight of A, B, C is 45 kg. The average weight of A and B is 40 kg, and of B and C is 43 kg. Find the weight of B.
  3. The average salary per month of 30 teachers is Rs 4000. If the Principal’s salary is added, the average salary is increased to…

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Reading Comprehension (20-08-2015)

Time Limit: 8 Minutes

Paragraph- I

The impact of technical advancement in armaments on man, needs to be analyzed with a rational mind, and heart free from prejudices of any kind towards modernisation. The most noticeable impact of this development certainly has been the loss of immunity from violence for successive generations ever since the invention of gunpowder. In modern times, the presence of technically advanced arms, not only at the fronts but also among the…


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Current Affairs Quiz August (15-08-2015)

1. Which global advertising agency network has been assigned for INCREDIBLE 

INDIA advertising campaign?

A. McCann

B. McGarryBowen

C. Omnicom Group

D. Dentsu

2. What is HR 8832 which was recently discovered ?

A. Planetary System

B. Planet

C. Star

D. Orbit

3. In which of the…


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Current Affairs Quiz (07-08-2015)

Time Limit: 7 Minutes 

1. Where BRICS 2015 and SCO 2015 summit is going to be held?

A. Turkmenistan

B. Uzbekistan

C. kazakhstan

D. Ufa

2. Name the IPV that joins Indian Coast Guard recently which is built by Hindustan

Shipyard Limited?

A. Rani Durgabati

B. Rani Durgadevi



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English- Sentence Correction (06-08-2015)

The fluency of a language can be gauged by the ability to find mistakes and correct them. For this, one should be very clear with grammatical rules. We will be discussing sentence correction under the following heads:

  1. Subject-Verb Agreement
  2. Modifiers
  3. Pronoun Agreement
  4. Comparisons

Subject Verb Agreement.
 The verb and the subject must always agree in Number as well as in Person.

Two or more singular…


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maths II (05-08-2015)

1. A telecom service provider engages male and female operators for answering 1000 calls per day. A male operator can handle 40 calls per day whereas a female operator can handle 50 calls per day. The male and the female operators get a fixed wage of Rs. 250 and Rs. 300 per day respectively. In addition, a male operator gets Rs. 15 per call he answers and a female operator gets Rs. 10 per call she answers. To minimize the total cost, how many male operators should the service provider…


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Maths (05-08-2015)

1. A chemical plant has four tanks (A, B, C and D), each containing 1000 litres of a chemical. The chemical is being pumped from one tank to another as follows:

From A to B @ 20 litres/minute From C to A @ 90 litres/minute From A to D @ 10 litres/minute From C to D @ 50 litres/minute From B to C @ 100 litres/minute From D to B @ 110 litres/minute Which tank gets emptied first and how long does it take (in minutes) to get empty after pumping…


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