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How to prepare GK for CLAT when just 30 days are left

MISSION CLAT is knocking on the door. Time to take the big guns out.

Someone asked me a very common question. How can I prepare for GK when just one month is left in the light of the fact that my GK is quite poor and I have not done much to improve my GK so far?

First of all, is there anything you can do about it now? Fortunately the answer is…


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Criminal law - past years legal reasoning questions

Try answering these questions after you read this. Write your answers in the comments to this post, feel free to discuss why you think an answer is correct:

1.     Principle: An act done by a child between 7 and 12 years of age is not an offence, if he/she is not mature enough to understand the nature and consequences of the act. [NLS 2000]…


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Criminal law - essential concepts - 1

For both legal GK and legal reasoning, learning some criminal law can be important, because questions are often asked on these concepts. This quick snapshot of criminal law will enable you to learn what you need to know in half an hour. All the best! When you are done reading, try to solve these questions.

What is…


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Constitutional and legal history of India - all you need to know.

Since it is now very common for most law entrances to ask questions on legal GK and legal history, it will be a great idea to read up on the following subjects:

Development Under British East India Company


The Regulating Act for India, 1773


  • By 1773 the…


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  • What is civil law?


In the judicial system there are two types of cases: Civil cases and Criminal cases. Civil Procedure deals with non-criminal disputes. It is one of the most oldest and prevalent surviving legal systems in the world. Civil law is the most popular system of law. Civil law is a unique type of law inspired by Roman law Corpus Juris of emperor Justinian. It is based on the historic customs that are stuck…


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Weekly Legal GK questions - Indian constitution and international law

The President of India is the?

a. Patron of the defence forces

b. Head of the Rajya Sabha

c. Supreme Commander of the defence forces

d. A titular head

Answer c.

When did the General Assembly of the United Nations adopt the Universal Declaration[mv1]  of Human Rights?

a. 18th August 1950

b. 10th…


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Thunderous Thursday CLAT Chat - 2

Join Ramanuj Mukherjee and Harsh Gagrani for the second version of CLAT chat right here.

The video will go live on this page at 8 PM, tonight (1/8/2013).

I'll be taking the second webinar of the…


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The Biological Diversity Act, 2002

In order to discuss the biological diversity act, the essential requirement is to know the meaning of biodiversity. Biodiversity refers to the variability among living organisms from all sources and the ecological complexes of which they are part and includes diversity within species or between species and of eco-systems.


Biodiversity encompasses the…


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Right to Information Act, 2005

The Right to Information Act was passed by the Parliament in June 2005. The bare text of the act describes it as act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority, the Constitution of a Central Information Commission and State information…


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The Information Technology Act, 2000

The application of information technology has reached almost all sectors of our lives. However, regulation of this sector is necessary due to the risks posed to financial and commercial transactions, national security systems, banking and communication networks and all other sectors and individual availing of the benefits of the internet and the Information Highway. The rapid development of information and communication technologies has revolutionized business…


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National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), 2005

The problem of unemployment in India is colossal. In order to counter this massive problem, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme was enacted in 2005.

The Act was notified in 200 districts in the first phase with effect from February 2nd 2006 and then extended to additional 130 districts in the financial year 2007-2008 (113 districts were notified with effect from April 1st 2007, and 17 districts in UP…


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The Right of Children to Free and Complete Education Act, 2009

To provide free and compulsory education to children has been a long cherished dream first envisaged by our constitution makers and they provided for the same under article 45 of the constitution. This directive principle of state policy urges the state to endeavour to provide for free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of fourteen years. Though the time period specified within article 45…


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What is CLAT?

What is CLAT?

If you want to pursue law as a career in India, getting into a National Law School should be at the top of your priority list. We have 15 National Law Schools in the country for undergraduate courses in law. You can get into 14 of these universities by clearing CLAT [Common Law Admission Test]

Do I need CLAT Coaching?

Before getting into the need of a coaching, we need to specify the contents of CLAT. CLAT is divided into 5 sections:



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current affairs that would be lawyers should know

(updated upto January, 2012 - Ramanuj on 1 Feb 2012)

There are two reasons you should be in touch with current affairs.

Reason 1: law entrances - current affairs will be tested - and you have about a hundred blogs keeping you updated on that - not to forget the quizes on CLAThacker. 

Reason 2: you real goal is to be a lawyer, and a good one - not just getting through a law school somehow. So I thought, I am going to keep you updated over here about things…


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Sigmund Freud - 150 years,,1992871,00.html


Sigmund Freud's 150th birthday will be celebrated this month. Freud was a revolutionary thinker who developed psychoanalysis and changed how we perceive psychology forever.


DO read the link provided above to know more about Freud and his impact.

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Lawyer myths a lawyer in making should not believe

 1.You have to learn the law by rote


What is the date today? W hich year, and which century is this? In the age of handheld smart devices and ubiquitous internet, no one needs to memorise any law. The information is at fingertips. The skill that a lawyer brings on the table is the ability to process and interpret that information, and identify a course of action based on the information. Memorising the law is futile, though some law students do it for the…


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Law school rankings are for idiots. What should you look out for during choosing a law school?

What is law school ranking all about?

Law school ranking is all about perpetuating a myth. Its all about getting worked up and fighting tooth and nail.

To understand the sinister design behind these rankings, you must consider the origin of these ranks. There was a time when there was only one law school, as an experiment of a maveric visionary. This was the case for one whole decade as that law school struggled in Bangalore hidden away from public eye to prove…


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CLAT results: latest update

 Those of you who are still not being able to find results:

Dont try to open try to open this page -


The mystery of Master Ranks:

CLAT office did not break ties for reaching these ranks, so on any given rank there maybe hundreds of people tied. Naturally, your rank is of no value unless you know how many people are there above you tied at the above…


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Symbiosis GD/PI tips

what is symbiosis GD/PI like? What questions can they ask you? One good thing is that those who are well prepared for GK, has an advantage in GD/PI.

you can read here:


GD/PI is going to be easy. Just speak, try to give intelligent answers as opposed to dumb/routine "blah" answers. Be honest, be…


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NLUD 2011 cut off and review

The National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) paper was unexpectedly easy, given the standard of the last two years papers. It was heavy on critical reasoning and current affairs keeping with the changing trend set by CLAT committee. I had strongly recommended…


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Have Your Doubts Cleared!

It is never good to have doubts in your mind! Just ask a questions and the super intelligent CLAThackers, many of whom are writing CLAT this time and others who have cleared it already will answer your questions!

If you have doubts on logical reasoning or critical reasoning, ask here.

Legal reasoning doubts are answered on this thread!

Want to ask a GK question? try this thread!



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