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Inspirations from Cristiano Ronaldo and the secret formula to crack the top Law Schools! [CLAThacker on Quora]

Hello all!

There is a secret formula to crack the best Law Schools in the country - one which every topper till this date has followed - and it's now out exclusively on CLAThacker! 

So, I was asked what is the best advice I can give to CLAT aspirants? I replied - follow Ronaldo! 

Read this link for the complete…


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The Battle Within.

The Battle Within





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How to prepare GK for CLAT when just 30 days are left

MISSION CLAT is knocking on the door. Time to take the big guns out.

Someone asked me a very common question. How can I prepare for GK when just one month is left in the light of the fact that my GK is quite poor and I have not done much to improve my GK so far?

First of all, is there anything you can do about it now? Fortunately the answer is…


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Inspirations from Nani Palkhivala, one of the greatest lawyers India has ever had.

You may wonder what a CLAT hacker can learn from Nani Palkhivala. Admittedly, there will be next to nothing from a study point of view. But I believe CLAT is won and lost in the head, and being motivated is critical to winning this battle.

Over the course of my life, I had just known about Nani Palkhivala through his reputation, that of being a famous lawyer. I was not inclined to, and neither did I have a chance to learn more about the man. However, after deciding to pursue Law and…


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The CLAThacker Interview Series IV - Shuchita Goel from NLUD talks about making a split-second decision to not join a prestigious DU college, and how that has eventually paid off!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a first year student at National Law University, Delhi. I was born in Secunderabad but have lived for most of my life in New Delhi. I finished my schooling from Sanskriti School, New Delhi in 2013. I am a voracious reader and have now graduated from classics to books dealing with history and politics. I also love writing and regularly pursue that activity, despite the paucity of time that I face nowadays. I spent the past month…


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The CLAThacker Interview Series III - Vani Sharma from NLSIU talks about how law was a natural choice for her, dealing with her nightmarish GK and Math, and finally securing AIR 1 in AILET 2014!

  1.      Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Bangalore and Gurgaon. I finished my schooling at DPS, Gurgaon. I’m about to begin my third trimester at NLS this March. I’m the kind of person you would instantly label a nerd. I was never a very outgoing person, and even today I would turn to a…


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Preparing for Law School entrances: My experience.

Preparing for CLAT for a year has been one of the most fruitful and memorable experiences I have had in my life.  But it is the journey itself that I cherish more as I look back fondly today, rather than the end result. I will proceed to list down a few things I have learned, share a few tips and humble opinions, in the hope that it will help you get a clear picture of things, put aside the mental blocks and doubts that are keeping you from working towards your goal with absolute focus…


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How to enrol into Symbiosis Law School, where to stay and how to travel, and A to Z of procedure

I do not want to begin a discourse about Symbiosis Law School and how you can compete with NLUs. I do not have the energy and time to do that, I also feel it is not worth my time. The only thing I understand is Legal education and honing legal skills goes beyond any institutional frontier. If you are in Symbiosis or any other top Law School, then you are privileged to get that launch pad, nothing more. When you move out of College, you are on your own; the skills that you have…


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current affairs that would be lawyers should know

(updated upto January, 2012 - Ramanuj on 1 Feb 2012)

There are two reasons you should be in touch with current affairs.

Reason 1: law entrances - current affairs will be tested - and you have about a hundred blogs keeping you updated on that - not to forget the quizes on CLAThacker. 

Reason 2: you real goal is to be a lawyer, and a good one - not just getting through a law school somehow. So I thought, I am going to keep you updated over here about things…


Added by Ramanuj Mukherjee on January 15, 2012 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

A comprehensive guide to Education Loan

We are used to the idea that our parents are going to pay for our education. However, the trends have changed because of the emergence of some super-expensive higher education zones, especially in the arena of professional studies. Moreover, not all the teenagers in India are fortunate enough to have parents who earn enough to fund the education they aspire and qualify for.

Education has been commoditized and education from the top-notch B-school or law school adds to the…


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Lawyer myths a lawyer in making should not believe

 1.You have to learn the law by rote


What is the date today? W hich year, and which century is this? In the age of handheld smart devices and ubiquitous internet, no one needs to memorise any law. The information is at fingertips. The skill that a lawyer brings on the table is the ability to process and interpret that information, and identify a course of action based on the information. Memorising the law is futile, though some law students do it for the…


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Law school rankings are for idiots. What should you look out for during choosing a law school?

What is law school ranking all about?

Law school ranking is all about perpetuating a myth. Its all about getting worked up and fighting tooth and nail.

To understand the sinister design behind these rankings, you must consider the origin of these ranks. There was a time when there was only one law school, as an experiment of a maveric visionary. This was the case for one whole decade as that law school struggled in Bangalore hidden away from public eye to prove…


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How to prepare for Current Affairs - a study of the CLAT 2008 General Knowledge section

It is very important to study the past years papers to understand how questions are framed by paper setters. CLAT 2008 paper was set by NLSIU bangalore, and was a good and balanced paper. It had a very significant GK section, but noticeably, the theme was current affairs. Questions asked on static GK were minimal and mostly had some connection with current affairs.

Who is a Taikonaut? A chinese astronaut. Is this a current affairs questions? Not if you go by the book, but if you take… Continue

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Family Law - Legal GK 2

This post deals with the concepts of succession, adoption and gifts in family law. It shall also discuss the concept of domestic violence and the legislation that deals with it.


The concept of succession has been dealt with extensively in various Acts. Succession implies the act of…


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