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It's time to seize the opportunity of a lifetime! [CLAThacker on Quora]

More than just studying, it is a sense of maturity and a complete understanding of the situation and the position you are in your life that is needed to be successful. CLAT is competitive and tricky, but it is not difficult to crack. In my experience, the things which prevent aspirants from succeeding are a phobia of certain subjects, or failure, or of the competition - or just a lack of seriousness about your future or…


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Study tips to help you conquer your board exams and CLAT!

Hello, everyone. 

Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of Team CLAThacker! For those of you in school, and for all of you taking CLAT, this promises to be a life-changing year filled with rich, new experiences. Keep working hard and the results will follow!…


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"How should I prepare for CLAT if I am in the first year of a law school?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

Question details-

"I am currently in my first year in a Tier-2 NLU.I would like take another shot at CLAT as I always dreamt to study in a Tier-1 NLU say NLSIU(hometown)/NALSAR/NUJS.

As it requires a lot of focus and dedication to make it to the Top NLU, please help as how to prepare while at a law school."…


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"How should I analyze my CLAT mock score?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

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1. Try to get your 'hit rate' better after each mock. You don't need to attempt 200 questions, rather your aim must be to get the maximum number of questions you attempted. You can even attempt 150 and get 150…


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"I am preparing for CLAT 2016. I have taken a drop. Is 5 months of dedicated study enough to make it to NLSIU?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

Question details-

"I scored 81 in CLAT 2015 and secured a rank in 1800s. I took a drop. I have been giving an average of 5-6 hours everyday so far, but with CLAT 2016 coming near, i am not sure if this would be…


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"Can students studying in XIth Grade attempt CLAT 2016 just for the experience?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

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I do recall my one of my friend's friend (who I later befriended but I've never asked her this) having taken CLAT in 11th grade. She got NUJS that year and…


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I messed up my board exams. Will it affect my career? [CLAThacker on Quora]

Question details-

"Unfortunately, in my 12th board exams i failed in 2 of my 6 subjects due to some issues beacuse of which i was not able to prepare well for the boards and hence had to appear for the compartment exam. Eventually i appeared for my compartment exam and passed. I am "Pass" in all of my main subjects except one of my optional subject…


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"How academically intensive is Law at National Law Universities?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

Question details-

"I'm just an above average student in school (around 75-85%) and I am thinking of law as a career option. I want to know the study burden in National Law Schools so I decide if I wish to pursue law."…


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Inspirations from Cristiano Ronaldo and the secret formula to crack the top Law Schools! [CLAThacker on Quora]

Hello all!

There is a secret formula to crack the best Law Schools in the country - one which every topper till this date has followed - and it's now out exclusively on CLAThacker! 

So, I was asked what is the best advice I can give to CLAT aspirants? I replied - follow Ronaldo! 

Read this link for the complete…


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Are you between Classes 9 and 11 and wanting to take up Law? Read on.

Over the last few months, I have been faced with this trend of youngsters preparing for CLAT. Increasingly, young students of around Class 10 or less appear to be serious about preparing for CLAT and making a career in law. I will first share my thoughts on this trend and then give you some practical advice if you fall into this bracket and are reading this.

I believe Law is an exciting and smart career option, where the ticket to the top is a much less gruesome journey as…


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"How is NLSIU or NALSAR different from HNLU?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

I feel it's the idea that people have in mind of an ideal education. Of excellent people who are amazing and brilliant in their own way. Of a college that has it's own style, culture and brand value. Basically you have a better crowd, better opportunities and that spring in your step and tag for life. Five years in such a place mould you into a better person (?).  

It's like a Nexus 5 over a Moto G.…


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Reading Comprehension (23-10-2015)

Governments looking for easy popularity have frequently been tempted into announcing give-a-ways of all sorts; free electricity, virtually free water, subsidized food, cloth at half price, and so on. The subsidy culture has gone to extremes. The richest farmers in the country get subsidized fertilizers. University education, typically accessed by the wealthier sections, is charged at a fraction of cost. Postal services are subsidized, and so are railway services. Bus fares cannot be raised…


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"Which is the most toughest section CLAT?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

Details here.

It is actually quite relative and there is no straight-forward answer to this. …


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An important announcement!

I hope my new series - CLAThacker on Quora - is helping you guys. I believe that specific structured queries can elicit better responses from mentors. This will only help you more. 

That series shall continue, however, I have a new series in the pipeline -  a series where I solve every type of questions step by step from all four sections (GK excluded, for obvious reasons). Before I start with my gig, I feel it will be a good chance for you guys to get a particular type of…


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"How can you prepare for the CLAT 2016 in three months?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

Edit: The earlier answer had only a part of the schedule, possibly due to my poor internet connection at that time. Please find the updated schedule.…


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Current Affairs (17-10-2015)

1. In July 2015, government proposed a recapitialisation plan which aims to induct 70,000 crore in PSU banks to boost their capital base. On 1st October 2015, 8 PSU banks backed with Government infusion of Rs 13,955 crore. Which among the following banks is not included in these 8 banks? 

A. Canara Bank

B. Dena Bank

C. Andhra Bank

D. Vijaya Bank

2.Which country is going to host the…


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legal aptitude (15-10-2015)

1. What does ‘adjudication’ mean? 

(A) A decision given by an Umpire (B) Mediation 

(C) Decision given by a Court (D) None of the above 

2. Attorney General of India means: 

(A) Supreme Judicial Power (B) Topmost legal advisor of Central Government 

(C) Advisor to the Supreme Court (D) President of the Legal System in India 

3. An insolvent person is 



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"How do I prepare for CLAT 2016?" [CLAThacker on Quora]

Question Details-

"I have a younger brother who is in eleventh standard. He is decent in studies (89% in tenth commerce stream). 

We plan to get him admitted to a good law college, preferably the one in Bangalore.

How can we start?  I've started telling him to read general knowledge books like Manorama yearbook, etc. and subscribed to The Hindu Newspaper. What more can…


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Maths (12-10-2015)


Of the 200 candidates who were interviewed for a position at a call center, 100 had a two-wheeler, 70 had a credit card and 140 had a mobile phone. 40 of them had both, a two-wheeler and a credit card, 30 had both, a credit card and a mobile phone and 60 had both, a two wheeler and mobile phone and 10 had all three. How many candidates had none of the three?
(1) 0

(2) 20

(3) 10
(4) 18
The average monthly…

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