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March 2015 Blog Posts (67)

Indian Order of Precedence & SpeaTop Constitutional Posts

President of India- Pranav Mukherjee; 13th President of India (Article 52 of the Constitution :There shall be a President of India)

Vice President of India- Dr. Hamid Ansari (he is ex-officio Chairperson of Rajya Sabha and it is not constitutional post)

Prime Minister of India- Narendra Damodar Das Modi (Article 74 (1) :There shall be a Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advise the President who shall, in the exercise of his functions, act in…


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Legal Aptitude March 31-03-2015

1. Principle: Whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death, or with the intention of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, or with the knowledge that he is likely by such act to cause death, commits the offence of culpable homicide.

Facts: Abhinav is an ace shooter and he loves shooting. He doesn't miss his shooting practice for even a day. One day, his parents organize a pool party at their house, where Abhinav's…


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31-03-2015 - Static GK

Static GK-

1. Who is the author of "An Equal Music"?

A) Dick FrancisB) Vikram Seth C) Salman Rushdie D) Anurag Mathur


2. Name the religious movement started by Emperor Akbar in the late 16th Century?

A) Din-l-Ilahi B) Jizya C) Jauhar D) Kharaj


3. The first Governor General of the East India Company in India was:

A) Robert Clive B) Warren Hastings C) Sir John Shore D) Marquis



4. With which of…


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30-03-2015 - English



Pick out the word that is most nearly the same in meaning as the word in capitals.

1. REPROOF A) reprimand B) reprisal C) repercussion D) report

2. OBSTREPEROUS A) attentive B) vociferous C) oblivious D) obsolete

3. INSULAR A) parochial B) insufficient C) intact D) decrepit

4. RECONDITE A) abstruse B) reckless C) recent D) queer

5. TOUR - DE - FORCE A) masterpiece B) riche C) traffic D)…


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English Grammer

Pick out the correct one-

1The winner was awarded a gold medal
2The winner was awarded with a gold medal
3The winner was awarded with the gold medal
4The winner was awarded the gold medal

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29-03-2015 - Analytical Reasoning



A sales representative plans to visit each of six companies M, N, P, Q, R and S exactly once

during the course of one day. She is setting up her schedule for the day according to the

following conditions.

(1) She must visit M before N and before R

(2) She must visit N before Q

(3) The third company she visits must be P


1. Which of the following could be the order…


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The CLAThacker Interview Series IX - Shreyangshi Gupta from The WBNUJS on why you shouldn't avoid Mathematics if it's your nemesis and her experiences at law school thus far

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.


Hi! I’m Shreyangshi, a first year student at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences. I’m a quintessential teen, who loves to read, watch an unhealthy amount of British TV series and movies, sleep, travel, work while listening to music and enjoy life in…


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28-03-2015 - Math

Math NALSAR 2003-


1. A man sold 10 eggs for five rupees, thus he gained 20%. How many eggs did he buy for

five rupees?

(A) 10 (B) 11 (C) 12 (D) 8


2. Two successive discounts, the first of 20% and the second of 15% are together equivalent

to a single discount of.

(A) 5% (8)17.5% (C) 32% (D) 35%


3. A man spends 85% of his income and saves the rest. What percentage of his income does

he save?



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Mathematics phobia and how the best way out is to try and enjoy what you do!



This comic sums up most people’s view on CLAT math, and indeed their 'trysts' with the subject through school. Love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that math will make all the difference on D-Day! This article is aimed for those with a phobia of math. The goal is to not merely do math for the sake of doing it, but to fall in love…


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27-03-2015 - Legal Reasoning

Legal Reasoning from NLSIU 2007-


1. Principle: A man must not make such use of his property as unreasonably and

unnecessarily to cause inconvenience to his neighbours.

Facts: Mr. Z is the owner of a plot measuring 50 feet by 80 feet. He

constructed a small house at one corner and was using the rest of the

land as a cow shed. He had 20 cows and is involved in selling the

milk to the public. The cow dung and other wastes were…


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26-03-2015 - Logic

Logic from NLSIU 2007-


1. Consider these premises. ‘If Ramesh is not nominated; then either Stanley or Joseph

will be nominated. But if either Stanly or Joseph is nominated, then John will have to

resign. But John does not resign’. Identify the conclusion from among the given


(a) Stanley is not nominated (b) Joseph is not nominated

© Ramesh is not nominated (d) Both Stanley & Joseph are…


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25-03-2015 - Static GK

Static GK NALSAR 2006


1. The first General Elections were held in India in

(A) 1951-52 (B) 1950-51 (C) 1949-50 (D) 1948-49


2. The National Song (Vande Mataram) was composed by

(A)Tagore(B) Bankim Chandra Charterjee (C) Mahatma Gandhi (D) None


3. The National Anthem was adopted by Constituent Assembly on

(A) 27 December, 1911(B) 27 December, 1949(C) 24 January,1950(D) 26 January, 1950


4. The first Law…


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How to prepare GK for CLAT when just 30 days are left

MISSION CLAT is knocking on the door. Time to take the big guns out.

Someone asked me a very common question. How can I prepare for GK when just one month is left in the light of the fact that my GK is quite poor and I have not done much to improve my GK so far?

First of all, is there anything you can do about it now? Fortunately the answer is…


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Logical Reasoning March 24-03-2015

the organizers of Jessup International Moot Court Competition (National round) are requiered to select seven teams from different law schools in India for the Final National Round. The seven Team must be chosen from a group of six North Indian law schools P, Q, R, S, T & U and four South Indian Law Schools W, X, Y, Z. In order to ensure representation, certain conditions must be followed during selection. there are-

1. if P is selected, there must be more South Indian teams than…


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24-03-2015 - English

Choose the appropriate combination of articles (a, an, or

the ) to fill the two blanks in each of the sentences given

below and shade the appropriate oval. (NLSIU 2007)


1. It is not at all unusual for ------ editor to tamper with ----- writer’s


(a) an, a (b) the, no article

© an, no article (d) an, the


2. Where would ------- author like F. Scott Fitzergerald have…


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23-03-2015 - Math

Math NLSIU 2006-

1. In a group of 52 persons, 16 drink tea but not coffee, while 33 drink tea. How many

persons drink coffee but not tea.

(a) 17 (b) 36 (c) 23 (d) 19


2. A train speeds past a telephone pole in 15 seconds and a platform of length 100

metres in 30 seconds. The length of the train in metres is

(a) 100 (b) 200 (c) 50 (d) data inadequate


3. The wages of an employee was first reduced by 40% and then increased…


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Static GK Part II 22-03-2015


1. Name First Fully computerised IT district of the Country-

a. Wayanad (Kerala)

b. Kozhikode (Kerala)

c. Idduki (Kerala)

d. Palakkad (Kerala)

2. Singhvi Committee 1986 is related to-

a. Constitutional status for Panchayati Raj Revalitization of Pnchayati Raj Institution 

b. to monitor the functioning of the executive

c. to Examine social, economic and educational condition of the Muslim…


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22-03-2015 - Legal Reasoning

Legal Reasoning  NLSIU 2006 -

1. Principle: Whoever attempts to commit suicide and odes anything towards

killing hiself is said to have committed and offence.

Facts: Mr. Ashoka was dejected in his life. He had neither any interest to live nor any goals

to achieve. He was not getting proper sleep. In order to get good sleep, he used to

take sleeping tablets. One day he has consumed lot of sleeping tablets. He knew that



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CLAThacker Quiz Series II

CLAThacker Quiz Series II                                                                                                    Date- 21-03-2015

  Time- 5 minute                                                                                  ENJOY LEARNING & ALL THE BEST

1.india'll soon launch “Project Mausam”. PM Narendra Modi said.  Project Mausam is related to-                

 a.  To restore Maritime routes and culture                                      …


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The CLAThacker Interview Series VIII - Sharan Bhavnani from NLSIU talks to us about combating stress during the exam, overcoming the baggage of not succeeding and his preparation strategies.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

    I’m Sharan, a first year student at National Law School of India University, Bangalore. I’m pursuing a B.A.,L.L.B. degree. I lived in Delhi till 2013 and studied in Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram. Post which, I shifted to Pune to go and study at Symbiosis Law School. My interests include politics, both national and international, art and reading. I paint and sketch off and on. And I love reading political…

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