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February 2014 Blog Posts (14)

The Adventurer speaks, of why it might even be good to 'fail' CLAT, of WWE and The Rock, and elusive inspiration

The following piece is written by someone who is already in an NLU( after having passed up an offer to an even…


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For the aspirants of CLAT & AILET 2014

Hi All,

It's been so long on clathacker. I apologize for the same. It was too hectic for me to remain in touch with an ultimately tight schedule in NLUD. 

Just wanna state some thumb rules to success:

That's PHD:




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The Adventurer speaks - of CLAT, the fear of failure, myths surrounding lawschool and what keeps him going

The following piece is written by someone who is already in an NLU( after having passed up an offer to an even better one), yet is attempting the AILET – because he’s known for unconventional life choices. He’s one of the people who have made it, yet one of you. He’d prefer to remain anonymous, and I call him ‘The Adventurer’. Let’s hear what he has to say.…


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Criminal law - past years legal reasoning questions

Try answering these questions after you read this. Write your answers in the comments to this post, feel free to discuss why you think an answer is correct:

1.     Principle: An act done by a child between 7 and 12 years of age is not an offence, if he/she is not mature enough to understand the nature and consequences of the act. [NLS 2000]…


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Criminal law - essential concepts - 1

For both legal GK and legal reasoning, learning some criminal law can be important, because questions are often asked on these concepts. This quick snapshot of criminal law will enable you to learn what you need to know in half an hour. All the best! When you are done reading, try to solve these questions.

What is…


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An Interview with Harsh Gagrani - Of motivation, negative marking and strategies just before CLAT

Harsh is the director of LegalEdge Tutorials, Bhopal which he set up within two weeks of graduating from his alma mater NLIU Bhopal. LegalEdge Tutorials was conceptualized with the vision of providing personalized training to aspirants. He is also the author of ‘The Pearson Guide to the CLAT’, and loves conducting online and offline quizzes.…


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Dealing with the GK demon

1. The first thing – read, read, read. Really, no substitute for this. Read the newspaper regularly, if you are not already doing that. This has multiple benefits – you develop your reading speed, better your vocab., and develop GK. Not only this, you keep this habit of reading with you even later – not only does it help you in various exams like UPSC and CAT later, but also makes your personality better, making you ready for debates and quizzes and making you aware of what’s going…


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The Week That Was - Week 2 of March 2013

1. Feminists, good news. The first all-women employee post office inaugurated in Shastri Bhawan in New Delhi. Yay women empowerment.

2. All of you have probably enjoyed coffee table books of photography and fashion. Now one dealing with…umm..steel. About steel, titled ‘Indian saga of steel’, by the Union Minister of Steel. No, his name is not steel. Beni Prasad Sharma.

3. Now let’s cheer for Indians making us proud. Bobby Ghosh was the first non-American in the past…


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GK Gupshup - 2

1. Hate dentists? Pray that you are born as a turtle in your next birth. (Atheists, you are doomed. No second chance.) Turtles have no teeth.

2. Think bicycling is good exercise? Pschaw. Try the original. In 1817, the first bicycle was invented – and it didn’t have pedals. You had to walk it along. I bet Barob von Drais (the inventor) was a fitness freak.

3. COPRA – Consumer Protection Act. Imagine a giant cobra biting an evil shopkeeper.

Okay that’s…


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Angrezi Beat - 2

1. Remember that best friend who was like your sibling but then (sigh!) love came in the way? What is there between you now? Acrimony.

Acrimony. n. Bitterness, discord.

2. When you go to McDonald’s with your gang and you guys spend twenty minutes just deciding what to order? You are capricious.

Capricious. adj. Subject to whim, fickle.

3. That cigarette? Deleterious.

Deleterious. adj.…


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GK Gupshup - 1

1. J.P. Morgan bailed out the US government in 1895. Turns out Uncle Sam isn’t always full.

2. Want to have kids who love to read? Move to Iceland. Iceland has more books written, read and sold than any other country.

3. Next time you bang the computer to make it work, sound fancy - ‘Percussive Maintenance’ is the technical term for hitting something until it works.

4. Leo Fender was the inventor of the guitar. And, know what? He never knew how to play…


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The Week That Was - Week 1 of March 2013

1. Let’s talk about heart attacks – S.K. Verma, Indian Express’ Editor, and former West Bengal Governor Viren J. Shah both died of a heart attack. RIP.

2. Going on to life now, most liveable city in India – Nagpur. No, not kidding. (ABP News-IPSOS Best city survey and awards 2013)

3. Time for the politicians to enter. If you want to change the system, be in the system? Former FBI director made governor of Nagaland.

4. Enough studying. Let’s talk about…


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Angrezi Beat - 1

Let’s learn some high-brow words.

1. Think of the biggest drama queen you know. Done? Now, instead of calling her drama queen, call her ‘lachrymose’ the next time. She won’t know what hit her. You are welcome.

Lachrymose. Adj. Tearful or given to weeping. Antonym: Joyous.

2. Your mother made spinach for dinner. That feeling you just got? Hold it there. You ‘abhor’ spinach.

Abhor. Verb. Regard with disgust and hatred. Antonym:…


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clat attachments

Not have domicile certificate- what is the criterion for Domicile certificate.

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