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What is the best book available for logical reasoning? Would you suggest different books for analytical and critical reasoning? Please add flipkart links of the books if you can. Also, write why you like the book you are suggesting.

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My 2 cents on this:

Critical Part (Statement Series (Course of Action, Assumptions, Arguments, Conclusion), Cause & Effect, Assertion-Reason et al) - No match for MK Pandey. This is the part asks us to apply our reason. And reasoning of questions given in MK Pandey are far more digestible than that given in other books.

Analytical Part- RS Aggarwal. Again, no match for the sheer volume and quality of questions given in this book. Arihant's book on Logical Reasoning is good, but only for additional practice.

A words on some specific topics:

For the paragraph based reasoning part (with one para and one question given on that), I'd suggest starting with MKP and RSA and swiftly moving to GMAT questions (free ebooks available all over internet). This is a part of Critical Reasoning, but MKP would be insufficient for this.

Also, do practice a lot of puzzles from ALL the books mentioned above. Once you're done with that, buy a couple of goo CAT books (by Arihant or Pearson) and practice more puzzles from that. Puzzles have been a regular feature in almost all law entrance examinations.

Relevant links:

Hope this helps :)


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