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Hi all,
Well i know aditya mehra only so all others who are from law schools,please introduce yourself and comment on this.
Well to start off i am anuj preparing for clat. I want to ask about how the law school works(like what are the things i'll be dping in law school,what supposedly skill required in this field) because one was never taught about law in his grades and i dont have any background so i curious to know what subject i will be studying other than law(i guess there would be many subject in itself)?
One query attached to it is. How much role does one's english plays in his law school. As i am from non-english background I feel very insecure about this. I want if someone can give his insight on this. It will be appreciated.
P.S- i am soon gonna come up with my clat preparation strategy.

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Well i think nobody is interesed in answering to my question. Anyways signing off. I'll ask to someone else.
Thank u.
Knowing English does help in law school but in the long run it rarely matters. English can easily be picked up and by the end of your 3 rd year you will be fluent in the language :)
Thank avinash for replying :). Yeah actually i dont speak too much and kind of weak too, so was just concerned.i thought will my law school work fine if i took some time there to be more fluent.
Hey are you already in law school? if yes, then you didint answered about things that happened in law whta kind of regular activitied happens there.

Well people,English is an important part in CLAT, as you all know it has 20% maximum score weightage. For Vocabulary, you can use 'Word Power made Easy by Norman Lewis' and read a good English Newspaper. Further, there are so many books by Universal Law Publications for English in CLAT. And you can also take 'English is Easy:If you follow this book (English) 2nd Edition' by Chetananand Singh. You'll get these books at a very reasonable price. 

these questions bother me too. things like kind of fluency required in spoken and what skills should one develope to excel etc.

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