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I'll be posting few legal questions, seeing which you may feel- "has aadhya really taken for granted that we do not study??!! :O" 
don't think so, i'll post them just for a rewind and recap of all the concepts that we have learned.
these will be easy do not start turning the pages of your LA book... answer it yourself.. good luck :)



[ @IMS students: you might have seen these questions before, so do not try to be smart :P 
answer them ]


guys, it's really time now!!!! NOW OR NEVER!!

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it will be b


Answer to this question is: Yes she can sue Supriya. It appears that Priya is s sensitive plaintiff, but on a closer look we find that though she is sensitive, the interference WAS unreasonable. Not only her, any reasonable man would find it difficult.


Principle: Unreasonable interference with a person's rights over his property/land results is nuisance.


Facts: Priya suffers from insomania and finds it difficult to sleep at night with his neighbour Supriya playing loud music well into the night and sometimes into early morning. She wants to sue Supriya for nuisance.


Can she? Why/ why not?

no. they are not refundable.

which of the above answer is given  in ur mocks n acc.2 me it shud b 3)

aadhya plz clarify it.m cnfusd btw 2) n 3) are givn the freedm of right to express.

absolutely no..........


yes .............


ya of course aadhya can be sued. under the fiduciary law of revealing facts about the client to a third party..
but fiduciary relationship is in contracts but the question is can she be sued under tort law

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