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PRINCIPLE:A minor is not competent to contract.
A minor mortgaged her house and received advance.The mortgagee files a suit against minor to recover the money advanced by him.The minor mortgagor takes the plea that the suit is not maintainable as there was no valid contract.Decide
a)An agreement with minor is absolutely void.
b)It is voidable at the option of the parties.
c)The minor is liable to return the money received by him as advance.

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ans -a....


ans is a.

The ans is A.

Sudhangsu which part of the question you don't understand?

This question is very simple, and I think you are facing problems in English as a language.

hello donny the ans is c as given in lst module
both answer are right but going with simply principle so answer is A,we dn't need use other law.



minor is not liable to return the money.

then LST  answers r not right

Ramanuj Mukherjee said:



minor is not liable to return the money.

ans- a
dont accept any answer on face value just because some teacher or any module says so. try to understand the underlying reason.
even by using any other law answer can not be c. there are specific cases that held that a minor who borrows money under a void contract can not be asked to return that money.

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