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1)Oldest mountain range in India-aravali

2)Largest territory(no russia in options)-Canada

3)Global citizen award 2010 winner

4)Largest nuclear power plant in world-kashiwazaki-kariwa

5)largest consumer of nuclear power

6)chief CIC-satyanand sinha

7)Largest indian state area wise-Rajasthan

8)Advisor to constituent committe- B.N Rao 

9)Chairman of Sixth pay commission-Justice Srikrishna

10)koyoto Protocol-Climate

11)Interpol Head office-Lyon

12)Red cross founder-Henry Dunant

13)1st womens Day celebrated-8 march 1911


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Oh the answer to nuclear power is USA


And 2 more questions


14. Who was the Pakistani Governer who was assasinated? Salman Taseer

15. Which 2 countries signed 123 Agreement? USA and India


HC judge- option a is correct (forgot the name)



ohh shit
rank 4
Dude, ramaswamy was a HC judge before becoming a SC judge. He was appointed in the Punjac/Haryana HC I guess.
And correction :It wasnt the Pakistani governor, it was the minority affairs minister of pakistan :shahbaz bhatti

largest nuclear power plant



its aids


One more question.


What is the rating for nuclear power plants? Ans 7

Largest state - rajasthan

state having most no. of seats in LS - U.P

yeahh.. I think ur right mrinal , it's 4th !!


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