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Could you please explain how the calendar problems are done?

yes the answer is c....e  is actually strengthening the conclusion

i have a problem in syllogism... can i get the idea which will make me perfect in this.. i always have 5 mistakes out of 20... can i make it 0..


 i have a one more doubt plz reply with explanation

18  16  7

35  25  ?

7   23  58

24 32  65

i ve a difficulty in statement assumption plz help me.. and i know syllogism of 2statements and 2 conclusion? and while there is 4 conclusion and 4 statmnts. i cant able to solve it.. i will give exam of clat next year plz help me . and if you know any tips and tricks plz tellme...

pls help me on this

who among the following does not hold office during the pleasure of the president?

1)speaker of lok sabha

2)prime minister

3)election commissioner


Can some please explain to me how these questions can be solved?

1. ____bccb___abc___baa___c

a. acbc

b. aacb

c. bcac

d. abcc

2. ab__abb__ab__a

a. baab

b. abab

c. abba

d. aabb

I will go for option e.

Mayank said:

Guys try to solve it....
1- A survey on educational system that lasted 3 years found that 15 percent of students who had studies classical logic actually used it in their daily assignments.The study shows that classical logic should no longer be taught.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the conclusion of the above passage?

A. The students in this survey were less educated than the average students all over the nation.

B. The time taken for most of the educational surver is around five years.

C. Classical logic is most advantageous when used during examinations, but not for doing routine homework assignments.

D. Classical Logic is extremely difficult to learn.

E. Only tweleve percent of anything learnt is used daily.

How to solve questions of logical reasoning ? What are basic ways of solving it ?

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