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ok peace with all!!
i presume all 3 ppl. cannot go wrong(wise men think alike :) )!!
mayank-might be the answer was printed wrong!
ya tu crosscheck kar!
well its E for sure in my opinion considering all the arguements
Let forget Question,it may wrong print....Question was from WADHAWA LL.B
guys!! guys!!! guys!!! first of all pardon me for goin against u all .. :).. but, kaivalya , u need not pardon me.. as i m goin wid u.. :)

lemme proceed now...

friends!! see!! excuse me ; but u people slightly misjudged the given paragraph... the given paragraph is- "A survey on educational system that lasted 3 years found that 15 percent of students who had studies classical logic actually used it in their daily assignments.The study shows that classical logic should no longer be taught."

here classical logic is said not to be taught because it is not being properly utilised and its teaching is going in vain... d reason for not teaching it z not dat classical logic z damaging (as vishal!!! bro!! u said earlier..) .. and it is demanded for not being taught because only 15 percent of students who studied classical logic actually used it in their assignments.. and this study z d reason for not teaching classical logic.. so, here z a clear cut assumption that classical logic must be used in the daily routine i.e. daily assignments i.e. routine homework assignments by more students so that teaching it may not go futile. And u can see that option C clearly contradicts dis assumption as dis option z demanding dat classical logic sud b used only during examination and not for doing routine homework assignments.

so, here z a clear contradiction. so, option c weakens d argument d most..

comeon friends!! let us not predict the book 2 be wrong so hurriedly and easily.. at least they undergo many processes of editing :D

i hope i have explained very clearly and der sud not b much debate now.. :)
plz go thru my explanation properly.. i have tried 2 explain step by step and not me but u seem 2 have got confused... and of course i did mean dat daily assignments and rotine assignments r same things..plz dont get confused.. sorry i cant help u if u r determined not 2 listen 2 anything else!!!
da!!! we need ur interruption 2 !! plz checkout if my explanation z ryt..
apoorva... hmmmppphhhh.... dear... d conclusion z it sud not b taught.. but d reason for concluding it z dat it z not being implemented in daily assignments (ONLY 15 PRCENT R USING IT)and hence its teaching z getting futile.. so, we need to implement it more and more in daily assignments.. but, option C clearly contradicts dis fact.. so, it weakens d argument d most!!!!!!!!!

avinash said:
u need 2 check out ur english rather dan reasoning... lets see wort others say.. will b waiting

Apoorva sharma said:
@avinash:-first you yourself read your explaination and then read the question again,you are confused.
peace!! peace!! lets see wot others say.. but guys plz try 2 get d logic i have used!!! i m not telling dat i must b ryt, but i think i have given a very satisfactory argument.. dat sud work.. moreover ans given in book z C too.. plzzz see ma logic very carefully 2..
Hmmmm..ok now read this ...

Answer is C only...No Wrong print is there.
The conclusion is that classical logic is not useful,based on the information that a low percentage of persons use it in one particuler situation ( the day-today reading assignments).To weaken the conclusion,rebut or give an exception to the information.Showing that classical Logic is most useful in a situation other than that covered in the survey would provide such a rebuttal.While choices D and E may be true statements, they do not weaken the conclusion, which is that classical logic is useless and should no longer be taught. Other things,like Latin and calculus, are different to learn, ( and some people argue that a lot less than 10 percent of calculus is used daily); but that doesn't necessarily mean those subjects should no longer taught.Choice A may or may not weaken the argument.Maybe less educated students are more in need of classical logic than are educated students.Choice B is the trap answer.This survey took place over three years; if most surveys are for Five years,perhaps this survey is flawed.However, the question asks for what would most weaken the conclusion.Choice C is stronger because it more specially addresses the crux of the argument, the use of classical loigc.
Its my pleasure

avinash said:
ya mayank... thanks bro...
well,i'll agree with avinash if it's the assumption we are after & not conclusion,but then the question explicitly states that teh answer should weaken the conclusion
as of now am stuck in this assumption-conclusion conundrum
@ ramanuj da
both avinash & apoorva talked abt some rules while solving such questions,which apparently i m completely unaware of
Can u elaborate,or better still write a blog post w.r.t reasoning based questions
Hey please read my explaination carefully without thikning that you will be right or wrong....and than read your one....i am sure you will find why its C. I read your last explaination.... earlier i was also agree with its cant be C... you almost prooved me wrong but your last explaination,Clear me why its C...
Please Read...

Apoorva sharma said:
Only 15% students used classical logic in their daily assignment, there should have more students, so conclusion is classical logic should no longer be taughtas their efforts are going futile and we have to weaken this conclusion by proving that classical logic must be taught and must be use in daily assignments. and the point 'C' says classical logic is not good for doing routine homework assignments. and if their classic logic studies must no go in futile as according to u then C will be asnwer if we had to strengthen it but here we have to weaken the conclusion. C is giving power to the survey that only 15% has used the logic it means that classical logic is not good for daily routine. bbut here we have to weaken this line so C cant be answer, and the book and u are wrong

SO ANS CAN BE A OR E but Can't C

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