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Principle: Love is complete understanding of each other.
Facts: Rohan breaks up with Sohini, after a fight due to some issue.

Q:1 Can Sohini claim she loved Rohan and ask for more time to spend with him??

Ans: No, Had Sohini loved Rohan there would have been an understanding, and Sohini could have predicted the break-up an prevented it beforehand.

Q:2 Can Rohan claim that he ever loved Sohini, and he's breaking up due to some Sohini's fault?

Ans: No, if Rohan really loved Sohini he could have understood the reason behind such faults, and forgave her every time she committed faults, as he before declaring his love he should have understood psychology of Sohini.

Though there would be no court proceedings for this sort of trivial torts. But this might prove useful while proving who instigated whom towards suicide, murder, divorce etc..

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Insightful, to say the least :)
I request everyone to bring an issue from our daily lives and lets judge upon that, that would sharpen our skills and widen our view.. :)
@Vishal thanks for recognising my efforts :)

Vishal Tripathi said:
Insightful, to say the least :)
Here Sohini can't claim she loved Rohan. Love is complete understanding of each other.
Sohini never understood motives of Rohan, and here is her fault.. she had a duty to understand her spouse which she negligently overlooked due to false confidence.

And when Sohini's love can't be proved, she can't ask for some more time to spend with Rohan if Rohan doesn't like.

And prediction is very easy, if you understand why were the railway lines built you can definitely say where it starts and where it ends. (this is logic)

Pooja Maloo said:
If Sohini had loved Rohan, she would have understood and appreciated the conflict of opinion. I don't concur with the part of the answer dealing with prediction.

Sohini's fault is out of the purview of the question given the principle.

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