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Rama threatens to file a criminal care against Dinakar .Who the former
has caught red-handed committing a theft at his house .Dinakar  afraid
of being jailed agrees to enter into a contract with Rama in
consideration for Rama not instituting the procecution ,can Dinakar
reject the contract?

PRINCIPLE:-Obtaining another party's consent by committing or
threating to commit an act forbidden by Indian Penal Code ,is
coercion,and a contract entered into by such means may be rejected by
the coerced person.

(i) the contract is valid because initiating a criminal procecution is not an act forbidden by the IPC.
(ii) Dinakar may reject the contract since he has not freely concented
to the contract because of the fear of the criminal prosecution .
(iii)the contract is Void because Dinakar never wanted to enter into a contract with Rama
(iv)none of these.

hope you will solve my problem as soon as possible

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please post this on the legal reasoning doubts thread - lets keep all legal reasoning doubts on one thread only.
answer should be ii,because a contract formed on the backbone of an activity,which is illegal in the eyes of law,would be rendered void..
according to me answer is option 1

I think that the ans is (ii)

Because he was not freely concented to the contract because of the fear of the criminal prosecution.

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