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Hey everyone! I am a law aspirant preparing for the kerala law entrance. I am currently following Arihant Text for LLB but there are a few errors in the answer key and its not updated. I have gone through the portion on the constitution of India. I don't have much difficulty with this particular portion because my complementary course for UG studies was Indian Constitution and Politics. But I find the Legal GK and Awareness part a bit difficult. It would be nice if you could clear these doubts of mine:

*Is it necessary that we should learn all those legal terms in Latin? I mean its getting on my nerves.:(

*How to get the sentence sequence questions correct all the time?

*Legal aptitude....Now that's one place where I falter badly. How to prepare for that?

*How to memorize the sections and articles without mixing them up?


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Hello Wini, 

As we all know, practise makes a man perfect. As aspirants, we are not supposed to have the in-depth knowledge of Law, Latin phrases etc. However, we should know some basic and common latin phrase, which we come across in our day-to-day life,and which all are the basic phrases that you'll know by a good newspaper. 

For all your queries, I would suggest you read a good English newspaper, The Hindu would be the best option. You can get all the important legal provisions in the newspaper. Moreover, I would suggest you make your own notes for every subject. 

I hope this would help you. If you have any further query, please let me know. 

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