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How to solve the puzzles (Arrangement)types of question which generally comes in AILET.

I find it difficult to solve the problems which typically comes in NLUD.Please suggest the approaches to such questions.

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Hi, while I'm sure past year papers will have similar questions, I shall take your word for it. 

The trick for saving time is quickly noting down the components in a manner you understand rough area, (like T for Tin, W for Wood etc. in this example). Thereafter, eliminating things such as since plastic is manufactured in only one center, and C1 and C2 will always have some duplicates, meaning only C3 will have plastic. So you see you've already eliminated two options in question 18 in just a few seconds. After that it's all more about your processing speed rather than tricks. Basically get your info in a simple, non-cluttered way and use the help given in facts as I have told you.

Don't worry too much, it won't be so tough, and there are 145 other questions in AILET. I am sure you will get at least 3 out of 5 worst case scenario.

All the best.
Anukriti Mishra said:

I want more such questions.past year papers of NLSIU or any other papers of any nlus don't have such questions. It comes only in nlud and lsat.though this is of lsat,so I am solving of lsat only.I want to know the approach to solve such questions so that I can solve in the least possible time.

Hey,thanks a lot.It was really helpful.I will keep practicing. :-)

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