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Hey..i need a little advice..i'm seeking admission into amity law school through IP university...i just need to know whether after my BA.LLB (hons) course will i be able to get admission into the Indian society of international law ?? it offers a one year diploma course in streams that are relevant for my future career plans after LLM..since amity is a private institute i'm rather dubious..


Also..i feel by doing this one year course i'l hav ample time to prepare for my LLM entrances alongside this i thinking right ??

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yes you can do that if that is what you want to do. its a personal choice. I am not sure if it is a good career option.

international law ?? r u sure ?? i'm really a cn u tell me the career perspectives..i cn also do international trade law..wont that be advantageous with regards to corporate law ?


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