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breaking news on CLAT: current affairs will be key to crack CLAT - Times of India

Times of India has published a report today stating that current affairs is going to be more important than static GK. Prof. M P Singh, NUJS vice chancellor has been quoted to that effect.

Here's the link:

The decision should not come as a surprise as in the past few years CLAT was turned into a ridiculous quiz contest with half the paper asking various types of GK questions. Check this for an overview of last years CLAT paper. While GK has its relevance in my opinion, it should not be blown out of proportion at the cost of testing reasoning skills of a student.

Another great news is that legal GK seems to have been dropped. That makes a lot of sense to me, what is the point of testing actual legal knowledge of a student even before they join law school?

Read the ToI article carefully. the first sentence itself suggests that 'reasoning and aptitude' is going to be given emphasis on. Looks like finally there's going to be a more scientific selection process for the law schools of the country as reasoning ability rather than the ability to mug up standard GK books available in the market is going to be tested.

With the downfall of legal knowledge, the era of legal reasoning is back. It will be a crucial area again. I believe that all the potentials of legal reasoning is not tested in the papers so far. In 2008 some significant change in legal reasoning question pattern was seen. Most interesting was legal rule based syllogism questions. These questions did not test prior legal knowledge, but ability of a candidate to understand the principle or rule, and then his ability to apply the same.

Does this mean we are going back to the sort of paper that was set in CLAT 2008 and before that, or for NLSIU in 2006 and 2007? Another possible type is 2009 and 2010 NLU delhi paper. The delhi paper is certainly tougher with difficult vocab and very advanced reasoning sections. It also needed very superior time management and reading comprehension skills to get a good score on that paper.

I would not expect any alarming increase in the difficulty level of the paper yet, but it would make sense to prepare a bit hard for logical and critical reasoning.  

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so constitutional law wont be there???

i have prepared a lot for legal gk :(
does that mean we are not going to have even one question from legal g.k.............
that is the logical conclusion. knowing some things about law will obviously be helpful, though. No sweat about that.
it'll help in delhi's exam !!

abhay singh rathore said:
so constitutional law wont be there???

i have prepared a lot for legal gk :(
that is absolutely right...nlud and all other exams are still likely to test some legal gk.

is it true that we are not having any legal gk this year in clat?


leaving out clat all the other reputed law schools have constitutional i dont think your hardwork will go waste..:)

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