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1. You know who the first Prime Minister of India was, but do you know who the first non-Congress PM was? Morarji Desai. He belonged to the Janata party.

2. This is one of the funniest things ever. The Speaker of the House in England is not allowed to speak. And I thought the funniest contradiction is a tall friend of mine named Mini.

3. Love sleeping, don’t you? Think what would happen if you had clinophobia. It is the fear of beds.

4. Caught the Grammy awards this time? Rooting for your favourite singer? Did you know the first Indian to win the Grammy was Pt. Ravi Shankar?

5. You know that the first Indian grandmaster was Vishwanathan Anand, but do you know the first Indian woman grandmaster? Koneru Humpy. (How to learn this? If you sing Humpty Dumpty to a drunk, think of him saying, ‘Kaun hai tu Humpty?’ in a slurred voice, which will sound like kon-e-ru-humpy which is the name of the woman. Okay. Don’t beat your head against the wall.)

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